HW-290 GY-87 10DOF MPU6050 HMC5883L BMP180 3-axis Gyro 3-axis Acceleration 3-axis Magnetic Field Air Pressure Sensor
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HW-290 GY-87 10DOF MPU6050 HMC5883L BMP180 3-axis Gyro 3-axis Acceleration 3-axis Magnetic Field Air Pressure Sensor

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Hmc5883l Magnetometer/Arduino Compass Sensor is a 10DOF (Degrees of Freedom) sensor module that combines multiple sensors in a single package. It includes the MPU6050, HMC5883L, and BMP180 sensors, offering a range of functionalities to measure various aspects of motion, orientation, and environmental conditions.

This Arduino Compass Sensor typically includes the following sensors:

MPU-6050: This sensor is a combination of a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer. It can measure angular velocity (rate of rotation) around the three axes (roll, pitch, and yaw) using the gyroscope and linear acceleration along the same axes using the accelerometer.

HMC5883L: This sensor is a 3-axis magnetometer, also known as a compass. It can detect the magnetic field strength and direction along three perpendicular axes. By combining this data with the MPU6050's information, you can obtain the device's orientation relative to Earth's magnetic field.

BMP180: This sensor is an air pressure/digital barometric sensor and a temperature sensor. It can measure atmospheric pressure, allowing you to calculate altitude or detect changes in weather conditions. The temperature sensor provides ambient temperature readings.

Here are some key features of the Hmc5883l Magnetometer:

Multi-Sensor Integration: By combining these three sensors, the module can measure acceleration, rotation, magnetic fields, and air pressure, all from a single compact module.

Digital Output: Similar to the ADXL345, these sensors communicate using digital interfaces such as I2C, which make them easy to integrate with microcontrollers and other digital devices.

Small Form Factor: The module is compact, making it ideal for projects where space is a constraint.

Versatility: This module can be used in a variety of applications such as drones, robotics, navigation systems, and IoT devices.

By utilizing the data from all three sensors (MPU6050, HMC5883L, and BMP180), you can perform sophisticated motion tracking, orientation estimation, and environmental monitoring in your projects.

To use the HW-290 GY-87 module, you typically connect it to a microcontroller or a development board using standard communication interfaces such as I2C or SPI. You can then access the sensor data from the individual sensors via their respective I2C or SPI addresses and process the information in your code.

Technical Details of Arduino Compass Sensor

  • Type: GY-87
  • Driver IC: MPU6050+HMC5883L+BMP180
  • Operating Voltage (VDC) : 3 ~ 5
  • Gyro range(°/s): ± 250, 500, 1000, 2000
  • Acceleration range(g) : ± 2 ± 4 ± 8 ± 16
  • Communication: I2C Protocol

Physical Attributes of Hmc5883l Magnetometer

  • Length * Width  in mm: 22 * 17 
  • Weight in gm :3

Integration with Arduino of Hmc5883l Magnetometer

10-DOF Sensor Module


Sample Code


Applications of Hmc5883l Magnetometer :

  • FPV, RC, and Robots systems
  • GPS navigation systems
  • Impact recognition and logging
  • Gaming and virtual reality input devices
  • Motion-activated functions
  • Intelligent power saving for handheld devices
  • Vibration monitoring and compensation
  • Free-fall detection
  • 6D-orientation detection

Additional Details of Arduino Compass Sensor

  • 3-axis Gyro+Acceleration+Magnetic Fiel
  • Air Pressure Module
  • Build-in ultra-low noise linear LDO voltage regulator
  • Built-in onboard filters, which reduce noise from motor and other high-current electronics
  • You can easily select two I2C addresses for MPU6050 by soldered jumper
  • Power LED
  • Build in the Logic level converter for I2C
  • Designed for 5V logic level

Product Video


Package Includes

  • 1 x HW-290/GY-87 10DOF MPU6050+HMC5883L+BMP180 3-axis Gyro + 3-axis Acceleration + 3-axis Magnetic Field + Air Pressure Sensor

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