MQ 135 Air Quality/Gas Detector Sensor Module For Arduino
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MQ 135 Air Quality/Gas Detector Sensor Module For Arduino

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The MQ-135 Air Quality/Gas Detector Sensor Module is a widely used sensor module designed to detect a range of air pollutants and gases.

Here's a comprehensive overview of the MQ-135 sensor module:

Purpose: The MQ-135 sensor module is designed to detect a variety of gases and air pollutants, making it suitable for air quality monitoring and environmental sensing applications.

Sensitivity: It exhibits varying sensitivity to gases like ammonia, nitrogen dioxide, benzene, carbon monoxide, and other harmful substances.

Principle: The sensor uses a semiconductor gas sensor where the resistance of the sensing material changes based on the concentration of gases in the air.


Multi-Gas Detection: The MQ-135 module is capable of detecting various gases and pollutants, offering a wide range of applications.

Analog Output: The module typically provides an analog voltage output that can be correlated to the concentration of the detected gas.

Versatility: Due to its broad sensitivity to multiple gases, it's suitable for diverse air quality monitoring projects.

Affordability: The MQ-135 sensor module is cost-effective, making it a popular choice for hobbyists and environmental monitoring enthusiasts.


Indoor Air Quality: The MQ-4 sensor is widely used to detect methane leaks in households, industries, and commercial spaces. It's particularly useful in preventing potential explosions due to gas leaks.

Outdoor Air Quality: Deployed in outdoor environments to track pollution levels and understand the overall air quality.

Environmental Research: Employed in research projects to gather data on various gases and their concentrations.

Personal Projects: Popular among makers and DIY enthusiasts for building air quality monitoring devices.

Using the MQ-135:

Powering the Sensor: The sensor usually requires a 5V DC power supply.

Calibration: Calibration might be necessary for accurate readings. This involves exposing the sensor to clean air to establish a baseline resistance value.

Reading Values: The analog output voltage from the MQ-135 module can be connected to an analog pin on a microcontroller (e.g., Arduino) to read the gas concentration. The specific gas being detected can be inferred from calibration data.


Warm-Up Time: The sensor might require some time to stabilize before providing accurate readings.

Cross-Sensitivity: The MQ-135 sensor can exhibit cross-sensitivity to various gases, which might affect its accuracy in mixed gas environments.

Environmental Factors: Factors like temperature, humidity, and the presence of other gases can influence its performance. When integrating the MQ-135 Air Quality/Gas Detector Sensor Module into a project, proper calibration and accounting for potential cross-sensitivity are crucial for obtaining accurate and meaningful air quality readings.

Technical Details Of MQ-135 Sensor Module

  • Model: MQ-135
  • Operating Voltage (VDC): 5
  • Detecting Range: 100ppm to 1000ppm

Physical Attributes

  • Length * Width * Height (mm): 36 x 19 x 21
  • Weight (gm): 6

Integration with Arduino: MQ-135 Sensor Module

Sample Code


Additional Details

  • Sensitivity to Ammonia, Sulphide, and Benzene steam
  • The TTL output signal is a low level
  • Analog 0 ~ 5 v voltage output, the higher the concentration, the higher the voltage
  • Color is showing pictures.
  • Sensitive for benzene, alcohol, smoke
  • Fast response and recovery
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Signal output indicator
  • Output voltage boosts along with the concentration of the measured gases increases.

Product Video


Package Includes

  • 1 x MQ 135 Air Quality/Gas Detector Sensor Module For Arduino

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raju singh
Fire detect

Nice sensor hundred percent working good fire detected quality and and smart detective quality smart device make a project enjoy

Alex Cavnar
Five Stars


good condition works fine

Gas sensor works fine