MQ-6 Liquefied Petroleum Isobutane Propane Gas Sensor module
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MQ-6 Liquefied Petroleum Isobutane Propane Gas Sensor module

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The MQ6 Gas Sensor is a type of gas detection device that is designed to detect specific gases in the air, particularly Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Isobutane, and Propane. These gases are commonly used in household appliances like stoves, heaters, and gas-powered vehicles. The MQ-6 sensor module is part of the MQ series of gas sensors produced by the company Winsen, and it operates based on the principle of chemical resistance change.

Sensitive and Fast Response for Effective Gas Monitoring:

Section 1: "Reliable Gas Detection for Safety and Environmental Monitoring"

Experience reliable gas detection with the MQ-6 Sensor Module. This high-quality module is designed to detect various gases, making it an essential tool for safety and environmental monitoring. Whether you're concerned about gas leaks, air quality, or industrial emissions, this module provides accurate and timely gas detection for your projects.

Section 2: "Sensitive and Fast Response for Effective Gas Monitoring"

The MQ-6 Sensor Module offers sensitive and fast response capabilities, ensuring effective gas monitoring. With its advanced sensing technology, this module can detect a wide range of gases, including LPG, propane, and butane. Its fast response time allows for quick detection and response to gas leaks or changes in gas concentrations

Section 3: "Versatile Integration and Easy Implementation"

The MQ-6 Sensor Module offers versatile integration options, making it compatible with a variety of projects. Its compact form factor and compatibility with microcontrollers, Arduino boards, and Raspberry Pi ensure easy implementation into your electronic systems. Whether you're a hobbyist, engineer, or DIY enthusiast, this module provides a straightforward solution for gas detection.

Applications of MQ6 Gas Sensor 

The MQ-6 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Sensor Module is a device designed to detect the presence of gases such as isobutane and propane, which are commonly found in liquefied petroleum gas. This module is utilized for gas leakage detection and safety purposes in various applications.

The sensor works based on the principle of gas conductivity: It contains a sensitive layer that reacts when exposed to specific gases. When the target gas comes into contact with the sensor's sensitive layer, the electrical resistance of the sensor changes. This change in resistance is then converted into an electrical signal that can be processed and used to determine the presence and concentration of the gas.

The MQ-6 sensor module: is commonly used in gas leakage detection systems in homes, industries, and commercial spaces where LPG or similar gases are used. It is important for ensuring safety by alerting users to potential gas leaks, which can be hazardous if left undetected.

When using the MQ-6 LPG Sensor Module: it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation, calibration, and maintenance. Regular maintenance and calibration help ensure accurate and reliable gas detection results. Additionally, the module might have digital or analog output pins that provide information about the gas concentration level, which can be interfaced with microcontrollers or other control systems for further processing and action.

Remember that gas safety is crucial, and relying on a reliable gas sensor like the MQ-6 can help prevent accidents and protect lives and property from potential gas leaks.

Industrial Control Systems: Joystick modules can be integrated into various industrial control systems where precise analog control is required. Overall, the joystick module offers a versatile and intuitive way to interact with electronic projects and devices, making it a popular choice for hobbyists, makers, and engineers working on a wide range of applications.

Technical Details of MQ6 Gas Sensor

  • Model: MQ-6
  • Operating Voltage (VDC): 5
  • Detecting Range: 200-10000 PPM
  • Operating Temperature (°C): -20 to 40
  • Opt. Relative Humidity(RH) : <95%

Physical Attributes of MQ6 Gas Sensor

  • Length * Width * Height (mm): 32 * 20 * 22
  • Weight (gm): 7

Integration with Arduino of MQ6 Gas Sensor

MQ6 Gas Sensor

Sample Code

Additional Details

  • Good sensitivity to Combustible gas in a wide range
  • High sensitivity to Propane, Butane, and LPG
  • Long life and low cost
  • Simple drive circuit
  • An indication of the signal output
  • Dual signal output (analog output, and TTL level output)
  • The TTL output signal is low. (When low output signal light, and can be connected directly to the microcontroller)
  • 0 ~ 5V analog output voltage, the higher the concentration, the higher the voltage.
  • High sensitivity to hydrogen.
  • Can be resistant to ethanol steam, LPG (petroleum), and smoke interference.
  • Has a long life and reliable stability.
  • Fast response and recovery characteristics.

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Package Includes

  • 1 x MQ-6 Liquefied Petroleum Isobutane Propane Gas Sensor module

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mohd ataullah
My nephew Loved it

And there's nothing else I can say.

raj kumar @ raju
Work really well

My expectations were not that high considering that a photo-ionization detector (PID). But work really well for most amateur purposes