NE555 Delay Monostable Switch Module Time Delay Switch Delay On Vehicle Electrical Delay 12V
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NE555 Delay Monostable Switch Module Time Delay Switch Delay On Vehicle Electrical Delay 12V

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The NE555 Delay Monostable Switch Module is an electronic module designed to provide a time delay switch functionality for vehicle electrical systems.

Here's an overview of the module:

Description: The NE555 Delay Monostable Switch Module is an electronic device used to create a time delay in switching on or off electrical circuits in vehicles or other applications.

Functionality: The module utilizes the NE555 timer IC to generate a specific time delay, allowing users to control the timing of circuit activation or deactivation.


NE555 Timer IC: The module incorporates the NE555 timer integrated circuit, known for its accurate time-delay generation capabilities.

Monostable Operation: Operates in monostable mode, which means it generates a single fixed-duration pulse in response to an external trigger.

Time Delay Adjustment: The module often allows users to adjust the time delay using onboard components like resistors and capacitors.

Input Trigger: The module can be triggered by an external signal or switch to initiate the time-delay operation.

Operating Voltage: Designed to operate with a 12V supply voltage, commonly found in vehicle electrical systems.


Vehicle Electrical Systems: Used in vehicles to introduce time delays for various purposes, such as delayed lighting or accessory activation.

Remote Control: Applied in remote control systems where a delay is needed between pressing a button and the corresponding action taking place.

Automation: Used in automation projects to introduce controlled delays in switching components or devices.

Experimental Circuits: Employed in electronics experiments to study and implement time-delay functions.

Using the NE555 Delay Monostable Switch Module:

Wiring: Connect the module to the appropriate power supply (12V) and ground.

Input Trigger: Connect the trigger input to an external switch, sensor, or signal source that will initiate the time delay.

Time Delay Setting: Adjust the time delay by modifying the values of resistors and capacitors on the module, following the NE555 timing formula.

Load Connection: Connect the load (electrical device) to the output of the module. The load will be activated after the preset time delay.


Time Delay Range: The time delay achievable depends on the values of the resistors and capacitors used, according to the NE555 timing formula.

Circuit Protection: Consider using appropriate protection measures to prevent electrical spikes or interference from affecting the module.

Input Signal: Ensure the input signal or trigger is compatible with the module's requirements.

When using the NE555 Delay Monostable Switch Module, understanding its features, wiring, time delay setting, and potential applications is crucial for incorporating controlled time delays into vehicle electrical systems or other projects.

Technical Details: NE555 DC 12V Delay Timer Relay Switch

  • Chipset : NE555
  • Input Voltage (V) : 12
  • Trigger Voltage (VDC) : 12
  • Trigger Current (mA) : 20
  • Switching Voltage (VAC) : 125@15A, 250@10A
  • Adjustable Time(s) : 0 to 10
  • AC Control Voltage : 250V @max. 10A
  • DC Control Voltage : 30V @max. 10A
  • Max. Load(W) : 2200


Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width × Height (mm) : 68 × 22 × 18
  • Weight (gm) : 18


Additional Details : NE555 DC 12V Delay Timer Relay Switch

  • Precision Pulse Generation / Timing.
  • Monostable Operation.
  • Standby no power consumption
  • Excellent temperature stability of 0.005%/°C
  • Time can be adjusted by a potentiometer, the default is 0-25 seconds.


Product Video


Package Includes

  • 1 x NE555 Delay Monostable Switch Module Time Delay Switch Delay On Vehicle Electrical Delay 12V

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Can't build it for this price...much less buy the parts for this price....

Works flawlessly. By default, you get a delayed start up range of 5-15seconds. Replaced the original capacitor with a 3300uf. Now, the range is from 5 seconds out to about 7 minutes via the multi-turn potentiometer.

Very satisfaction

Fix the problem

hari ram
Five Stars

Works, cheaper the building it myself. If you need instructions this part probably isn't for you.

vivek auhari
Five Stars

Works Great

rohit kumar tiwari
Strobing Brake Lights w/ Delay.

 Great product. I used a strobe prior to the LEDS. Strobing brake lights on a 3 second (aprox) delay.

guddu rai
good product

Works as expected, no issues found

Works well & easy to set up.

Purchased to use in a driveway alarm system. Set one timer to function at 10 seconds to trip the alarm if a vehicle has parked in the sensor beam. The second timer was set to 5 seconds to sound a brief outside chime to let us know if we are outside that someone has driven in. No problems setting them up and they work great.

mohd shakib
Five Stars

Excellent timer

Works as advertised. The default delay is around 5 ...

Works as advertised. The default delay is around 5 seconds.

preetam kumar
Well Made Module

Very well made module and very adjustable. High quality.