1.6" inch Nokia 5110 LCD - Blue
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1.6" inch Nokia 5110 LCD - Blue

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Nokia 5110 LCD Display Module has a classic display for learning with a bunch of tutorials. Though it’s an industrial module, this LCD display is extremely easy to use. The Nokia 5110 is a basic graphic LCD screen for lots of applications. It was originally intended as a cell phone screen.

This Electronics Nokia 5110 LCD Module is mounted on an easy-to-solder PCB. The Nokia 5110 LCD Module uses a Philips PCD8544 LCD driver, which is designed for mobile phones.

This Nokia 5110 LCD Display Module is a low-cost monochrome LCD module comprised of 84 X 48 pixels that can be used to display rich graphics and text content. This module is a revision that accepts 3-5V input. So no extra level shifter is needed.

Features and Usage:

Monochrome Display: The display is capable of showing only one color, typically blue or white, on a black background.

Low Power Consumption: Monochrome LCDs are known for their low power consumption, making them suitable for battery-operated devices.

Text and Simple Graphics: The display is often used to show text and simple graphics. It's not suitable for displaying complex images or videos due to its limited resolution and monochrome nature.

Communication Interface: The Nokia 5110 LCD typically uses a communication interface like SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) to connect with microcontrollers or development boards.


Retro Projects: Due to its association with older mobile phones, the Nokia 5110 LCD is sometimes used in retro-themed projects.

Text-Based Displays: Projects that require basic textual information or simple graphics can benefit from this display. Examples include weather stations, digital clocks, and basic data monitors.

Low-Power Devices: The display's low power consumption makes it suitable for projects where energy efficiency is crucial.

Technical Details

  • Operating Voltage (VDC): typically 5V
  • Operating Temperature (°C): -40 to 90
  • Output Current: 25mA
  • Power Consumption at Rest: 3mA
  • Power Consumption when Switched: 8mA

Physical Attributes

  • Driver IC: PCD8544
  • Backlight: Blue
  • Input Voltage (V): 2.7 to 3.3
  • Pixel Resolution: 84 x 48
  • PCB Size ( L x W ) mm : 45.5 x 43.5
  • Motor Mounting Holes Dia. (mm) : 2

Integration with Arduino

It uses the PCD8544 controller, which is the same one used in the Nokia 3310 LCD. The PCD8544 is a low-power CMOS LCD controller/driver, designed to drive a graphic display of 48 rows and 84 columns. All necessary functions for the display are provided in a single chip, including on-chip generation of LCD supply and bias voltages, resulting in a minimum of external components and low power consumption. The PCD8544 interfaces to microcontrollers through a serial bus interface.

Pin Configuration :

  1. RST– reset
  2. CE– chip selection
  3. DC– data/commands choice
  4. DIN– serial data line
  5. CLK– serial Clock Speed
  6. VCC– 3.3V
  7. LIGHT– backlight control terminal
  8. GND– power negative

Operation of Nokia 5110 LCD Display Module at 3.3V

Many devices that can be used with an Arduino, require a power supply of 3.3V. This is also the case with the Nokia 5110. The best way to deal with 3.3V devices is to take an Arduino Pro, which can run on 3.3V.
Thanks to the internal clamp of the PCD8544 we can use a very simple level shifter. Four current limiting resistors of 10kΩ can do the job. When an LCD control line is high, the current through the 10kΩ resistor is just 40uA, so this is harmless. Note that we can’t read back from the LCD with this circuit.

Operation of Nokia 5110 LCD Display Module at 5V

Because VDD max = 7V, the PCD8544 controller can handle 5V, but the Nokia 5110 LCD works best at 3.3V. The four resistors of 10kΩ avoid streaks on the LCD display. (at 5V the screen becomes somewhat black when tested)
To have full control, you just need 5 pins. And as a classic display module among open source communities, Robu. in is giving you a handful of related tutorials available over the Internet. So there is no need to panic even if you just got your foot in the door.

Additional Details

  • 84 X 48 dot matrix LCD, can show 4 lines of characters.
  • Using a serial interface to communicate with the master processor, the number of interface signal lines was reduced greatly, to only 8 signal lines including power and GND.
  • Support different types of MCU, such as the Arduino, AVR, SPI, MCS51, and so on.
  • Transfer rate up to 4Mbps can full-speed write display data without waiting time.
  • Can use the conductive glue to connect the module to the printed board, without cables. The metal hooks on the module can fix the module on the printed board, which is very easy to install and replace.
  • LCD controller/driver chip has been bound to the LCD chip, and the volume of the LCD is small.
  • Low power supply, the working current in a normal situation is lower than 200µA and has the power-down mode.
  • “LIGHT” linked with GND, the backlight to be lit.
  • Need you to compress the screen and PCB tighter, might be got loose after the delivery.
  • Use a 3.3V controller, otherwise, the display could be quite vague.

Product Video


Package Includes

  • 1 x 1.6" inch Nokia 5110 LCD - Blue

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Good product. Has no scratches on it.

The packing was good. The screen has a screen guard on it(i.e. has no scratches on it). I've bought it from ROBO STORE INDIA. It's can be used with both 3.3V and 5V as it is written on top right corner of the LCD. You can check it in the attached photos. I need to test it to know whether it's working perfectly or not!

Five Stars

Good and Perfectly working product

Five Stars

meets up to expectations in delivery and item quality.

armaan @ suvalin
Just go for it

Its works absolutely fine....only a little time is required to learn but then its just amazing

arun @ vicky
But this is a great product, worked fine no issues with the display

You have to solder it, the pins aren't soldered .But this is a great product , worked fine no issues with the display

raman @ rancho
Fully satisfied

Prompt delivery. Works perfectly as expected. Successfully used in my Iambic keyer project. Even though one of the displays out of the two displays purchased was not working, the seller replaced the defective display with a new one within one week.

Great product

Great product and packaging. Works both at 5V and 3.3V. Just adjust the contrast in the Arduino program to get optimal result.

subham @ vikash
Five Stars

had some variations in PIN from standard config

har parsad
Five Stars

Very good product. Came in very good packing. It worked absolutely fine.

Five Stars

meets my requirement