NRF905SE Wireless Transceiver Module
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NRF905SE wireless Module
NRF905 Wireless Transceiver Module

NRF905SE Wireless Transceiver Module

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The NRF905SE Wireless Transceiver Module is a module used for wireless communication in various applications.

Here's a detailed overview of the NRF905SE transceiver module:

Purpose: The NRF905SE module is designed for wireless communication between devices, allowing data to be transmitted and received over a wireless link.

Functionality: It facilitates two-way communication, making it suitable for sending and receiving data between devices.

Frequency Band: The module operates in the 433MHz or 868/915MHz frequency bands, depending on the version.

Communication: The module employs a low-power SPI interface for communication with microcontrollers.


Wireless Communication: The NRF905SE module enables wireless data transmission and reception between devices.

Frequency Options: It comes in different versions operating in the 433MHz frequency band or the 868/915MHz frequency band, depending on regional regulations.

SPI Interface: The module communicates with microcontrollers using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) protocol.

Addressing: It supports configurable addresses to distinguish between multiple devices in a network.

Low Power: The module is designed for low-power consumption, making it suitable for battery-operated applications.


Remote Control: Used in remote control systems to wirelessly send commands to devices.

Wireless Sensors: Employed for transmitting sensor data wirelessly, such as temperature, humidity, or motion detection.

Home Automation: Integrated into smart home systems for controlling devices remotely.

Industrial Control: Used in industrial applications for wireless communication between machines and devices.

Using the NRF905SE Module:

Wiring: Connect the module's SPI pins (SCK, MOSI, MISO, CSN) to the corresponding pins on your microcontroller.

Powering the Module: Provide the module with the required power supply (typically 3.3V or 5V) and ground connection.

Programming: Write code for your microcontroller platform to control the module's communication and data transmission/reception.


Frequency Band: Choose the appropriate version of the NRF905SE module (433MHz or 868/915MHz) based on the frequency regulations in your region.

Data Handling: You need to implement protocols for addressing and handling data packets to ensure reliable communication between devices.

Technical Details 

  • NRF905 work band: 433/868/915MHz
  • Channel number: 170
  • Function: transmitter/receiver
  • Frequency stabilization method: PLL
  • Modulation mode: the FSK / GMSK
  • Maximum output power: +10 dBm
  • Sensitivity:-100dBm
  • Maximum operating rate: 76.8Kbit / s
  • Working voltage:2.7 - 3 .3 V

Physical Attributes

  • Length * Width * Height  (mm) : 31 * 17.8 * 2.5 mm
  • Weight (gm): 9

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