Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor, Reversing Radar Sensor with Separate Probe
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Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor, Reversing Radar Sensor with Separate Probe

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A waterproof ultrasonic obstacle sensor with a separate probe is a specialized device used for object detection, particularly in environments where water or moisture might be present. This type of waterproof sonar sensor is commonly employed in applications such as parking assistance, underwater robotics, and outdoor automation systems.

Here are the key features of this waterproof ultrasonic sensor:

Waterproof Design: The sensor is designed to be resistant to water and moisture ingress. This makes it suitable for outdoor use, underwater applications, or any environment where water exposure might occur.

Ultrasonic Technology: Similar to the HC-SR04 sensor, this sensor also operates based on ultrasonic technology. It emits ultrasonic waves and measures the time it takes for the waves to bounce back after hitting an object, allowing it to calculate the distance to the object.

Separate Probe: Unlike integrated waterproof sonar sensors where the transmitter and receiver are part of the same unit, this sensor comes with a separate probe. The probe contains both the transmitter and receiver, allowing for greater flexibility in mounting and positioning.

Reversing Radar Application: This sensor is often used as a reversing radar in vehicles to assist drivers in parking and avoiding obstacles while reversing. The waterproof feature ensures its durability in outdoor conditions.

Mounting Flexibility: The separate probe design provides the advantage of being able to position the transmitter and receiver at specific angles or orientations, optimizing the detection range and accuracy for specific applications.

Application Diversity: Apart from vehicle parking assistance, this type of sensor can also be used in industrial settings, marine applications, and any scenario where waterproofing and accurate object detection are crucial.

Applications of waterproof ultrasonic sensor:

Parking Assistance: The primary application of these sensors is to assist drivers in parking and maneuvering their vehicles, especially in tight spaces. The sensors provide real-time feedback on the distance between the vehicle and nearby obstacles.

Collision Avoidance: These sensors contribute to collision avoidance systems by warning the driver when they are approaching an object while reversing. This is particularly useful in preventing low-speed collisions with stationary objects, pedestrians, or other vehicles.

Safety: The sensors enhance overall driving safety by minimizing the risk of accidents that can occur while reversing, such as hitting obstacles or pedestrians.

Technical Details of waterproof ultrasonic sensor

  • Operating voltage (v): 5
  • Operating Current (mA): 30
  • Static Current (mA): 5
  • Operating Range: 25cm ~ 4.5m
  • Resolution: 0.5 cm
  • Detecting Angle: < 70°
  • Operating Temperature (℃) : -10 ~ +70

The basic working principle of waterproof ultrasonic sensor

  • Turn on TRIG Pin to 5V for at least 10uS
  • The module will then automatically send 8 40KHz tones and automatically detect when the signal returns after reflecting back from the object
  • Upon detecting the signal, a high-level signal is outputted through the IO Pin ECHO. By keeping track of the time duration between transmitting and receiving the signal, the distance can be calculated. Distance = (Time to Receive Reflected Signal * speed of sound (340M/S)) /2

Physical Attributes

  • Length * Width * Height (mm): 12.5
  • Weight (gm): 50
  • Cable Length: 2.5m

Integration with Arduino

water resistant ultrasonic sensor circuit diagram

Sample Code

Additional Details

  • Small size, easy to use.
  • Low voltage, low power consumption.
  • High accuracy.
  • Strong anti-jamming.
  • Integrated with the wire-enclosed waterproof probe, suitable for wet, harsh measurement occasions.

Product Video


Package Includes

  • 1 x Waterproof Ultrasonic Obstacle Sensor, Reversing Radar Sensor with Separate Probe

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
brij raj
Nice quality sensor.

The quality of the soldering joints were good on this. I used this in my outdoor fpv tank and it works as intended for me. Now i just to need design a 3d printed case for it. Overall it works as intended but i haven't submerged it water to test the waterproof of it.


Easy to setup. Works well with Arduino.

kamre alam
Excellent Ultrasonic Module

The ultrasonic module works extremely well. I got the sample sketch from the website provided when I purchased the unit and off I went. I needed a detector that could hold up to the elements and this is working well for me. Pretty straight forward to use and works well right out of the box. Will be getting a couple more.

vikram dubey
Sensor works well outdoors

Easy to use, good range and accurate. Great value.

Works great for hard bodies, useless for sensing soft bodies

Well built and easy to interface.

how far away is it?

Great module for (shorter) distance measuring.. Works very well, easy to integrate into projects, great documentation.