DIY Pull Line Paddle Steamer Educational Toy Model
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DIY Pull Line Paddle Steamer Educational Toy Model

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Experience the Nostalgic Charm of the DIY Pull Line Paddle Steamer: A Captivating Educational Toy Model: Introducing the DIY Pull Line Paddle Steamer, a captivating and educational toy model that allows you to build your very own miniature paddle steamer. Get ready to embark on a journey back in time as you assemble the components and witness the classic paddle wheel mechanism in action.

This is an engineering model educational toy that combines learning and entertainment. It positively affects children's hands-on ability, observation ability, learning ability, coordination ability and concentration, meaningful family time, a very cool product!

When playing, you have to think about it. Use accessories and blocks to assemble and create and invent. You can also gain a strong sense of accomplishment while learning physics.

Forward, backward, left and right, the boat can also walk on land

Great for parents and children to play together, and enjoy fun with meaningful family time, a very cool product!

Rediscover Nostalgic Charm: Engaging and Enthralling The DIY Pull Line Paddle Steamer offers an engaging and enthralling experience that will transport you to a bygone era. As you meticulously assemble the components and intricately construct the paddle steamer, you'll rediscover the nostalgic charm of these iconic vessels. Learn about the fascinating history of paddle steamers and their role in transportation and exploration. Experience the thrill of witnessing the paddle wheel in motion, propelling the steamer through imaginary rivers and lakes.

Learn about Engineering and Mechanics: Interactive and Informative With the DIY Pull Line Paddle Steamer, you'll delve into the world of engineering and mechanics. Gain a deeper understanding of the principles behind paddle wheel propulsion, gearing mechanisms, and motion transfer. Explore the intricate workings of the paddle steamer's engine and discover the science behind its locomotion. Engage in hands-on learning as you assemble the model, observing how each component contributes to the functionality of the paddle wheel.

Promote Historical Awareness: Fostering Curiosity and Appreciation The DIY Pull Line Paddle Steamer promotes historical awareness and fosters curiosity and appreciation for the past. Encourage exploration of historical transportation methods and the impact they had on society. Inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for the innovations of the past that laid the foundation for modern advancements. Let imaginations run wild as children envision themselves as captains navigating waterways on their very own paddle steamer.

Develop Fine Motor Skills and Patience: Enhancing Manual Dexterity Assembling the DIY Pull Line Paddle Steamer requires fine motor skills and patience, enhancing manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Handling small components, following detailed instructions, and delicately constructing the paddle steamer contribute to the development of these essential skills. Experience the joy of building and take pride in the completed model as it showcases your craftsmanship.

Physical Attribute

  • L X W X H (cm): 19.5*12*4
  • Weight : 82 g


  1. The DIY amphibious vehicle toy is easy to assemble and can not only train children's practical skills and imagination but also be used as an educational toy for parent-child interaction.
  2. The DIY amphibious vehicle trains practical skills, cognitive skills, creative skills, thinking, and coordination skills and sets a solid basis for maths, physics, and chemistry learning in the future.
  3. The DIY amphibious vehicle toy is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly plastic, and it is an educational gift choice for children at festivals and birthdays, bringing endless fun.
  4. DIY amphibian vehicle is a very good learning experiment tool, and can adapt to water and land in two different environments, bringing you more fun.


  • Engaging and Enthralling Experience: Rediscover the nostalgic charm of paddle steamers.
  • Interactive and Informative: Learn about engineering and mechanics.
  • Promote Historical Awareness: Foster curiosity and appreciation for the past.
  • Develop Fine Motor Skills and Patience: Enhance manual dexterity.

Package Includes

  • 1 x DIY Pull Line Paddle Steamer Educational Toy Model

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