Tilt Sensor Vibration Alarm Vibration Switch Module for Arduino
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Vibration Switch Module
Rolling Ball Tilt Sensor
Vibration Switch RBS13
Sensor - SW-460D

Tilt Sensor Vibration Alarm Vibration Switch Module for Arduino

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Activate with Motion: Rolling Ball Vibration Switch Module

Section 1: Responsive Motion Activatio

Experience responsive motion activation with the Rolling Ball Vibration Switch Module. This versatile module is designed to detect vibrations and movement, enabling you to trigger actions or events based on motion. Whether you're creating interactive projects, designing alarm systems, or implementing motion-controlled devices, this vibration switch module offers reliable and efficient motion detection for your applications.
Detect Vibrations with Precision

Detect vibrations with precision using the Rolling Ball Vibration Switch Module. It utilizes a rolling ball mechanism that moves in response to motion. When vibrations occur, the ball moves and triggers the switch, signaling the presence of motion. With its sensitive and accurate detection, this module allows you to capture even subtle movements, ensuring reliable motion activation in your projects.

Section 2: Easy Integration and Versatile Applications

Simple Wiring and Setup

The Rolling Ball Vibration Switch Module offers a simple wiring and setup process. With clearly labeled connection points and straightforward integration, this module facilitates easy incorporation into your projects. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced electronics enthusiast, you can quickly and effortlessly integrate this vibration switch module, saving time and effort in the setup phase.
Wide Range of Applications

Unlock a wide range of applications with the Rolling Ball Vibration Switch Module. Its versatility makes it suitable for various projects and systems. From motion-activated lighting and security systems to interactive displays and DIY electronics, this module adapts to your specific needs. Experience the convenience and efficiency of motion detection and control in your projects, bringing interactivity and responsiveness to new levels.

Section 3: Reliable Performance and Durability

Stable and Consistent Operation
Rely on the Rolling Ball Vibration Switch Module for stable and consistent performance. Crafted with high-quality components and built to stringent standards, this module ensures reliable operation even in demanding environments. Its stability and consistency guarantee that motion detection and control remain reliable throughout the lifespan of your projects. Count on this vibration switch module to deliver dependable performance in all motion-based applications.

Durable and Long-Lasting
The Rolling Ball Vibration Switch Module is built to be durable and long-lasting. With its sturdy construction and robust design, it can withstand the rigors of continuous use and various motion scenarios. Whether you're incorporating it into portable devices, industrial equipment, or interactive installations, this module is engineered to provide extended durability, ensuring longevity and reliable performance over time.

Pin Connection:

  1. VCC = 5V
  2. GND = 0V
  3. DO = digital output from module

Note: If the DO is not working, you might need to turn the on-board potentiometer to the center.


Technical Details

  • Operating Voltage (VDC) : 3.3 ~ 5


Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width × Height(mm) : 30 × 14 × 6
  • Weight (gm) : 2


Integration with Arduino

Rolling Ball Vibration switch module


Sample Code


Additional Details

  • Ball Rolling type of tilt sensor.
  • This small module is easy to use.
  • A fixed bolt hole for easy installation
  • Wide voltage LM393 comparator


Product Video



Package Includes

  • 1 x Tilt Sensor Vibration Alarm Vibration Switch Module for Arduino

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