RS540 540 DC 6V - 12V 5000RPM - 10000RPM High Torque Brushed DC Motor
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RS540 540 DC Motor
Versatile Performance: RS540 540 DC Motor

RS540 540 DC 6V - 12V 5000RPM - 10000RPM High Torque Brushed DC Motor

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Introducing the RS540 540 DC Motor, a high-torque brushed motor designed to deliver exceptional power and performance. Operating within a voltage range of 6V to 12V, this motor offers a speed range of 5000RPM to 10000RPM, providing you with the high torque necessary for demanding applications. Get ready to elevate your projects with the RS540 540 DC Motor and experience the power of torque like never before.

Technical Details

  • Rated voltage : 12V
  • Voltage range : 6-12V
  • At 12V voltage, the current is 1.95A, and the speed is 10,000 revolutions per minute.
  • At 6V voltage, the current is 1.3A, and the speed is 5000 revolutions per minute.

Physical Attribute

  • Motor length : 49.8mm
  • Motor diameter : 35.5mm
  • Step diameter : 13mm
  • Step height : 4mm
  • Fixed aperture : M3
  • Fixed hole pitch: 25mm
  • Shaft length: 22.5mm
  • Shaft diameter : 4mm
  • Weight : 148 grams
RS540 540 DC  6V - 12V 5000RPM - 10000RPM High Torque Brushed DC Motor


Unmatched torque:
The RS540 540 DC Motor is built to provide exceptional torque capabilities. With its high-quality construction and advanced design, this motor delivers impressive rotational force, allowing you to tackle tasks that require high torque requirements. Experience the strength and power of the RS540 540 DC Motor.

Powerful performance:
Don't compromise on performance. The RS540 540 DC Motor is engineered to provide robust and reliable power output. Its high-quality components ensure durability and consistent performance, making it suitable for a wide range of applications that demand high torque and reliability.

Precision engineering:
The RS540 540 DC Motor is meticulously crafted to offer precise control and accurate movements. Its design minimizes vibrations and ensures smooth operation, allowing you to achieve precise positioning and control in your projects. Enjoy the precision and accuracy you need for your demanding applications.

Built to last:
Invest in durability with the RS540 540 DC Motor. Its high-quality components and sturdy construction guarantee long-lasting performance, even in challenging environments. This motor can withstand the demands of continuous use, providing you with a reliable solution that stands the test of time.

Versatile applications:
The RS540 540 DC Motor opens up a world of possibilities. Whether you're working on robotics, automation, model-making, or any other project that requires high torque and precise control, this motor is a versatile choice. Let your creativity flourish and explore various applications with confidence.

Easy integration:
Integrating the RS540 540 DC Motor into your projects is a breeze. Its user-friendly design and straightforward installation process ensure a hassle-free experience. Spend less time on complicated setups and more time on unleashing the potential of this high-torque motor in your projects.

Package Includes

  • 1 x RS540 540 DC 6V - 12V 5000RPM - 10000RPM High Torque Brushed DC Motor

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