SCT-013 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor 1V
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SCT-013 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor 1V

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  • SCT-013-010 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor 10A
  • Input current (RMS): 10A.
  • SCT-013-030 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor 30A
  • Input current (RMS): 30A.
  • SCT-013-020 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor 20A
  • Input current (RMS): 20A.
  • SCT-013-050 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor 50A
  • Input current (RMS): 50A.
  • SCT-013-060 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor 60A
  • Input current (RMS): 60A.
  • SCT-013-100 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor 100A
  • Input current (RMS): 100A.

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    This is SCT-013 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor. SCT-013-000 is a Non-Invasive AC current sensor i.e. it is a current transformer that can be used to measure AC current up to 100 amperes. This non-invasive current sensor clamped around the supply line can measure a load up to 30 Amps, and allow you to calculate how much current passes through it.

    Non-invasive AC Current Clamp Sensor can be useful for building your own energy monitor or for building an over-current protection device for an AC load. This current clamp can be used to detect a current of up to 30A. Simply clip it around the current source that you wish to measure and it will produce a (very) small AC voltage proportional to the current. The cable is terminated on one end with a standard 3.5mm jack (like a headphone jack).

    Use this Non-invasive AC Current Sensor to build your own energy monitor and keep your power usage down, or use it to build an over-current protection device for an AC load. See the link below for an example project. Check out the datasheet for the pinout of the 3.5mm jack.

    Technical Details

    • Input Current : 0-30A
    • Dielectric Strength(VAC/1min) : 6000
    • Operating Temperature (°C) : -25 to 85
    • Output Mode : 0-1V @ 30mA
    • Cable Length (Meter) : 1

    Physical Attributes

    • Length × Width × Height(mm) : 52 × 32 × 20
    • Weight (gm) : 72
    • Core Material : Ferrite
    • External Material : ABS
    • Opening Size(mm) : 13×13


    1. Suitable for the current measuring.
    2. Monitoring and protection of AC motor
    3. Lighting equipment
    4. Air compressor

    Additional Details

    • Non-invasive current transformer
    • Suitable for lighting equipment, AC motors, air compressors, monitoring, current measurement, and protection
    • Meet UL94-V0 flame retardant properties
    • Two forms of output current, voltage (voltage output built-in the sampling resistor)
    • Non-linearity ±3%(10%-120% rated input current)
    • Output Plug 3.5mm.

    Product Video


    Package Includes

    • 1 x SCT-013-030 Non-invasive AC Current Sensor Clamp Sensor 1V

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    manju devi
    Works well. Burden resistor appears to be installed.

    Works well with the recommended ADS1015/1115. Included a photo of the burden resistor installed on a small board in the case.

    Diane Rohmeyer
    Sensitive, doesn't need a burden resistor

    I'm using this with an ESP32 to determine when the clothes dryer is done. Easily clamps over the hot wire and reads the current nicely without needing a burden resistor. Cable is plenty long enough and the connector is sturdy.

    Can’t beat it

    Item worked as expected. Good price and quick shipping. Doesn’t get easier than that!

    Plan if you are going to use the audio jack mating connector, or the internal cable conductor.

    The current sensor worked great. I used it for a work project and it opened a many eyes to the high power drawing areas. I have purchased 2 more since my initial buy.

    Excellent functionality

    This is a well made current transformer. Arrived quickly and well packaged.

    balbir singh
    Provides an easy to sample analog signal when current flows through a wire.

    I bought this to tell my Arduino when my washer in the basement starts and stops so it could tell me upstairs. I had used a sound sensor before, but it was fooled by the loud water heater next to the washer. You need to have a place where you can put this sensor around just the hot side of the power plug. In my case, this was easily achieved by taking apart an extension cord box and putting the sensor around the hot side of the outlet. After that, I wrote a short sketch to watch the analog port using analogRead(). It works perfectly.

    saurabh @ monu
    Awesomly accurate

    Calibrated with a 100w light bulb. Now reads spot on. Using this for my home automation monitoring of laundry machine energy usage.

    manjiv singh
    Easy to use

    A little testing before you solder is called for. The burden resistor took some trial and error as my calculations (based on a web site I found) were way wrong. Adjusted that and I'm good with it now. I just wanted to know if the fan, low heat, or high heat were on. I'm sure you could calibrate it to figure what current you actually use, but, that was not my intent.