Soil Moisture Sensor Module
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Soil Moisture Sensor Module

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The Soil Moisture Sensor Module has dual output mode, digital output is a simple, more accurate analog output. It Can be used in module plant waterer devices, and the plants in your garden do not need people to manage. This is a must-have tool for a connected garden. It is used to measure the volumetric water content of the soil.

This Watering System Soil Moisture Sensor gives a digital output of 5V when the moisture level is high and 0V when the moisture level is low in the soil. This is an easy-to-use digital soil moisture sensor. Just insert the sensor in the soil and it can measure moisture or water level content in it. The sensor also outputs an analog output that can be connected to the ADC of a microcontroller to get the exact moisture level in the solid. This sensor is great for making water gardening projects, water sensing, etc.

The Hygrometer Detection Moisture Sensor includes a potentiometer to set the desired moisture threshold. When the sensor measures more moisture than the set threshold, the digital output goes high and an LED indicates the output. When the moisture in the soil is less than the set threshold, the output remains low. The digital output can be connected to a microcontroller to sense the moisture level.

Technical Details

  • This is a simple water sensor that can be used to detect soil moisture.
  • Dual output mode, analog output more accurate.
  • A fixed bolt hole for easy installation.
  • With power indicator (red) and digital switching output indicator (Green or Red).
  • Having LM393 comparator chip, stable.
  • VCC: 3.3V-5V.
  • GND: GND.
  • DO digital output interface (0 and 1).
  • AO: analog output interface.
  • It will be helpful to remind you to water your indoor plants or to monitor the soil moisture in your garden.

Physical Attributes

  • Panel PCB Dimension: Approx.3cm x 1.5cm.
  • Soil Probe Dimension: Approx. 6cm x 2cm.
  • Cable Length: Approx.21cm.
  • Weight (gm): 10

Integration with Arduino

Sample Code

Integration with Raspberry Pi

Sample Code


  • Agriculture.
  • Landscape irrigation.
  • Research
  • Simple sensors for gardeners.

Additional Details

  • VCC: +3.3V to +5V.
  • GND: GND.
  • DO: Digital output interface (0 and 1).
  • AO: Analog output interface.
  • Dual output mode, analog output more accurate.
  • A fixed bolt hole for easy installation.
  • With power indicator (red) and digital switching output indicator (green).
  • Having LM393 comparator chip, stable.
  • Soil moisture module is most sensitive to the ambient, generally used to detect the moisture content of the soil.
  • When the module cannot reach the threshold value, D0 port output high, when the soil humidity exceeds a set threshold value, the module D0 output low.
  • The small board digital output D0 can be connected directly to the MCU, MCU to detect high and low, to detect soil moisture.
  • Small board digital output D0 can directly drive the buzzer module or relay module in our store, which can form soil moisture alarm equipment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
These work great for on/off style sensing

I was able to quickly set these up to work with my indoor garden auto watering system. The key is that they work off of a simple "is their water or not" type of idea or on/off for the most part. So you put them in about as deep as you want to measure (1 inch in my case) and you set the Arduino or raspberry pi to turn on a pump when the sensor goes to zero and turn off the pump when it's at a 1 or a certain time after it's a 1.

smt shyani devi
Not a soggy purchase!

A very good set of moisture detectors will be used as part of a plant watering system for my electronics hobby.

ramdin verma

Used for a course project, these humidity sensors are very easy to use and program. Simple product to use and manage.

Price and performance

It is a good sensor and fulfills its function perfectly. I use it in analog mode, where it gives values between 0 and 1024, 1024 being the total absence of humidity.


All works and comes with cables thanks!

sunder paal
Simple use and proven quality.

I use them to measure the humidity of the soil in a nursery. So far they have solved my problem.

moti lal
Worked fine with Arduino, but can it be used without?

I created a test circuit with this sensor using Arduino and it worked just fine. However, can this be used in a circuit without Arduino? Can someone please send me a link?

Shelly T
Works well

I wanted to set up an automatic watering system. So I bought these components, and they work very well with an Arduino UNO :)