TB67S109 Stepper Motor Driver Board with Heatsink
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TB67S109 Stepper Motor Driver Board with Heatsink

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The TB67S109 Stepper Motor Driver Board is an electronic module designed to control stepper motors. used sensors in various applications for detecting alcohol vapors.

Here's some information about the TB67S109 Stepper Motor Driver Board:

TB67S109: This indicates that the board is based on the TB67S109 motor driver IC (Integrated Circuit). The TB67S109 is a specific type of driver chip designed for controlling stepper motors.

Stepper Motor Driver Board: This board is dedicated to driving and controlling stepper motors. It provides the necessary circuitry and control logic to interface with and drive one or more stepper motors.

Key features and capabilities of the TB67S109 Stepper Motor Driver Board might include:

Microstepping: Many stepper motor driver boards, including those based on the TB67S109, support microstepping. This allows for finer control and smoother motion of the stepper motor.

Current Regulation: The board often provides mechanisms to regulate the current supplied to the stepper motor. This is important for controlling the motor's torque and heat generation.

Overheat Protection: Some boards include overheat protection features to prevent damage to the motor or driver due to excessive heat buildup.

Step and Direction Control: It typically accepts input signals for step and direction, allowing precise control over the motor's movement.

Compatible Motors: The board is designed to work with specific types and ratings of stepper motors. It's important to match the motor specifications with the capabilities of the driver.


The TB67S109 Stepper Motor Driver Board includes CNC machines, 3D printers, robotics, and other automated systems that require precise control over stepper motor movements. This stepper motor driver is based on the Toshiba TB67S109 stepper motor driver chip design. It uses four layers of thick copper precipitation PCB with automatic patch processing. This driver uses the indexer (DIR / STEP) control interface. The maximum drive current can reach 4A. Can use 57 stepper motors compatible with Pololu pin definition.


Connection Diagram:

Technical Details

  • Motor Input Voltage (VDC): 9 ~ 50
  • Logic interface input voltage (VDC) : 3 ~ 5
  • Single Phase Current (A): 4
  • Microsteps: 1/32


  •  Use four layers of thick copper-deposited gold PCB.
  •  Allow full step, half step, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 step.
  •  Maximum input voltage: 50V; Maximum output current: 4A (in case of good heat dissipation).
  • Equipped with a large heatsink for a better cooling effect.
  • High-efficiency motor current control
  • Chip built-in fault detection circuit: thermal shutdown (TSD), overcurrent shutdown (ISD) and reset power (POR).

Physical Attributes

  • L x W x H (mm): 22 x 15 x 25
  • Weight (gm): 6


Package Includes

  • 1 x TB67S109 Stepper Motor Driver Board
  • 1 x Heat Sink with Thermal Pad

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