TCRT5000L 5 Channel Tracking Sensor Tracking Module Infrared Sensor
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TCRT5000L 5 Channel Tracking Sensor Tracking Module Infrared Sensor

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The TCRT5000L 5 Channel Tracking Sensor Tracking Module is an infrared sensor module designed for tracking lines or detecting contrasts in a surface. It is commonly used in robotics and automation applications where precise line-following or edge-detection is required.

Here's an overview of how it works and its typical applications:

IR Emitter and Receiver Pairs: The TCRT5000L module typically includes five pairs of infrared (IR) emitter and IR receiver sensors. Each pair consists of an IR LED (emitter) and an IR phototransistor (receiver). The IR LEDs emit infrared light, and the phototransistors detect the reflected light.

Detection Principle: The module relies on the principle of detecting the amount of reflected IR light. When the module is placed over a surface, the IR light emitted by the LEDs reflects differently depending on the color and reflectivity of the surface. Dark lines or edges on a lighter surface, for example, will reflect less IR light compared to the surrounding area.

Analog Output: Each pair of IR sensors on the module generates an analog voltage signal proportional to the amount of reflected IR light. The voltage level varies as the module moves over contrasting surfaces or lines.

Multiple Channels: The module provides five separate sensor channels, allowing you to detect variations in IR reflection at different points simultaneously. This is useful for tracking lines with complex shapes or detecting multiple edges.

Common Applications:

Line-Following Robots: The TCRT5000L module is frequently used in line-following robots, where the robot follows a path marked by a contrasting line on the ground.

Edge Detection: It can also be used to detect edges or boundaries, such as the edge of a tabletop or the perimeter of an area.

Usage Considerations:

Calibration: Depending on the surface you're tracking or detecting, you may need to calibrate the sensitivity of the sensors by adjusting the detection threshold in your microcontroller code.

Mounting Height: The module's height above the surface can affect its sensitivity and performance. Ensure that it is positioned at an appropriate height for your application.

Lighting Conditions: The module's performance can be influenced by ambient lighting conditions. Some modules have built-in IR filters to minimize interference from external light sources.

Sensor Spacing: The spacing between the individual sensor pairs can affect the accuracy of tracking or detection, so consider the spacing based on your specific requirements.


  • VCC: VCC is the power input port, which could access 3.3V ~ 5V voltage
  • GND : GND is the negative input of the power supply
  • OUT1 ~ 5: OUT is the signal output port, MCU link I / O port

Technical Details

  • Operating Voltage (VDC): 3.3 ~ 5
  • Sensor: TCRT5000
  • No. of Channel: 5
  • Measurements of DistancE: 1 cm ~ 1.5 cm

Physical Attributes

  • L x W x H mm : 100 x 20 X 12
  • Weight (gm) : 16


  • Applicable to a variety of platforms including for Arduino /AVR/ARM/PIC
  • High-Quality Tracker Sensor
  • The module is a convenient carrier for eight IR emitter and receiver pairs evenly paced.
  • Distance between each IR Sensor: 15mm
  • Uses 5 sensors for best resolution
  • Great useful in building fast line following and grid navigating robots
  • Comes with easy-to-use digital outputs with a direct connection to microcontrollers
  • The array has mounting holes of 3mm diameter for easy mounting
  • Status LED on each sensor for the detection of black line

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Package Includes

  • 1 x TCRT5000L 5 Channel Tracking Sensor Tracking Module Infrared Sensor

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