TMC2208 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink
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TMC2208 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink
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TMC2208 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink

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The TMC2208 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink is an electronic module designed for controlling stepper motors, and it includes a heatsink to help manage the temperature of the driver chip.

Here's some information about the TMC2208 Stepper Motor Driver Module :

TMC2208 Motor Driver IC: This module is built around the TMC2208 motor driver IC (Integrated Circuit). The TMC2208 is known for its advanced features, quiet operation, and compatibility with various stepper motor applications.

Stepper Motor Control: The primary function of this module is to control stepper motors. It provides the necessary circuitry and control logic to precisely control the movement of stepper motors.

Microstepping Support: The TMC2208 driver typically supports microstepping, allowing for smoother and more precise motor movements by subdividing each full step into smaller steps. Microstepping is especially valuable for applications that require high precision.

Heatsink: The inclusion of a heatsink is a notable feature. The heatsink is a heat-dissipating component designed to help dissipate heat generated by the TMC2208 driver chip during operation. This prevents the driver from overheating, which can affect performance and reliability.

StealthChop and SpreadCycle Modes: The TMC2208 driver chip offers different modes, including StealthChop for silent, low-current operation and SpreadCycle for more traditional, high-current operation. Users can select the mode based on their specific application requirements.

Current Regulation: The module often includes features for adjusting the current supplied to the stepper motor. This allows for precise control of motor torque and heat management.

Overheat and Overcurrent Protection: Many TMC2208 modules come with protection mechanisms to prevent overheating and overcurrent situations. These mechanisms help protect the motor and driver from damage.

Step and Direction Control: The module accepts input signals for step and direction, allowing precise control over the stepper motor's movement and direction.

The TMC2208 Stepper Motor Driver Module with Heatsink

Is used in various applications, including 3D printers, CNC machines, robotics, and other systems requiring precise and reliable motor control. The inclusion of a heatsink enhances its thermal management capabilities, making it suitable for applications where the driver may generate significant heat during operation.

The latest version of the TMC2208 V1.2 takes the UART out and uses the UART function directly, eliminating the need for more wiring.

Flexible microPlyer interpolation unit, the component can provide up to 256 microstep / step resolution, Even if the pulse rate is limited system can still be perfect to achieve sinusoidal control; As a stealth chip, fine music technology is widely used in 3D printing, so These components are also designed to be compatible with existing 3D printer electronics, eliminating the need for costly redesign. Both components have pulse/direction input and can be a completely independent operation. The configuration is implemented via a digital input.

Technical Details

  • Voltage range: 3.3-5V
  • Maximum Current : 1.2A per phase, 2A peak per phase


  • Voltage range: 3.3-5V
  • Maximum current: 1.2A per phase (continuous, with cooling), 2A peak per phase
  • Works with 3.3V and 5V signals
  • Supports up to 1/256-step
  • Supported configuration via CFG pins or UART
  • Has StealthChop technology for quieter stepper motors
  • Has SpreadCycl technology for smoother movements
  • Security built-in for high temperatures, high currents, low voltage, and short circuit
  • Comes with a heatsink for better cooling

Physical Attributes

  • L x W x H (mm): 21 x 15 x 13
  • Weight (gm): 6

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Package Includes

  • 1 x TMC2208 Stepper Motor Driver Module
  • 1 x Heatsink
  • 1 x Screw Driver

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