TowerPro SG90 Mini Servo – 180 degree Rotation – Standard Quality
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TowerPro SG90 Mini Servo – 180 degree Rotation – Standard Quality

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The TowerPro Servo Motor is a very difficult task to recognize and buy an original TowerPro servo Because there are many suppliers spread over different online shops who are selling fake servo motors under this Brand name. It equips Carbon Fiber Gears which makes the servo motor much lighter than the same metal gear motor.

For small load applications using the metal gear, the servo motor adds on unnecessary weight, so we suggest using these lightweight plastic gear servo motors. The TowerPro SG90 9g Mini Servo is a 180° rotation servo. It is a Digital Servo Motor that receives and processes PWM signals faster and better. It equips sophisticated internal circuitry that provides good torque, holding power, and faster updates in response to external forces. believes in satisfied customers, so whatever the product is we first import them then test them for their supplier-defined and standard capabilities. Only after doing all the possible quality checks, we make the product available to our customers.

  • High quality and high-cost performance.
  • Operating speed: 0.1second/ 60degree ( 4.8V no load)
  • Operating voltage: 4.8-6V
  • Small size and light weight.
  • Application: Used for fixed-wing, helicopter, KT, glider, small robot, robotic arm and other models.

Wire Description

  • RED – Positive
  • Brown – Negative
  • Orange – Signal

Technical Details

  • Model : SG90
  • Operating Voltage (VDC) : 3.0 ~ 7.2
  • Operating Speed @4.8V : 0.10sec/60°
  • Stall Torque @ 4.8V (Kg-Cm) : 1.2
  • Stall Torque @6.6V (Kg-Cm) : 1.6
  • Operating Temperature (°C) : -30 to 60
  • Dead Band Width ( μs) : 7
  • Gear Type : Glass Fiber
  • Rotational Degree : 180º
  • Servo Plug : JR

Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width × Height(mm) : 22.8 × 12.6 × 30
  • Weight (gm) : 12
  • Cable Length (cm) : 25

Integration with Arduino

Sample Code


  • Used as actuators in many robots like Biped Robot, Hexapod, robotic arm etc..
  • Commonly used for steering system in RC toys
  • Robots where position control is required without feedback
  • Less weight hence used in multi DOF robots like humanoid robots

Additional Details

  • High resolution
  • Accurate positioning
  • Fast control response
  • Constant torque throughout the servo travel range
  • Excellent holding power

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing value!

Love these, have never had one fail,or even strip out for that matter. Work great and are very precise!

Worth it...

Nice servos...not the best but down and dirty good for small craft and design.Thanks Dude.

Ben H
Good response and smooth action.

These servos are basically the equivalent size wise to the plastic gear version and only slightly heavier. Theoretically, they should last longer.

sobit saini
they work

these tiny servos are sure hard to work with my hands are not as flexible as they used to be

pooran chand
So far its good, small with a good amount of power

Good for the price

Cheapest little things...

Super light duty, amazing for the price.

I love these servos

I have used them on several micro RC planes. They're inexpensive enough, you can buy new ones for each new plane. They behave well, even after a few crashes.

bodh raj @kala
Works great.

Student used it to make an automatic plant waterer. Worked great.

Size is correct.

Exactly as described.

really light 9g

you can't go rong good product for the price