NEO-6M GPS Module with EPROM
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NEO-6M GPS Module with EPROM

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The NEO-6M GPS Module with EPROM is a compact and versatile Global Positioning System (GPS) module that integrates a GPS receiver and non-volatile memory (EPROM) for storing configuration settings or other data. This module is commonly used in various applications, including navigation, geolocation, tracking, and outdoor positioning.

Here are the key details about the NEO-6M GPS Module with EPROM:

GPS Receiver: The module features a GPS receiver chipset, such as the u-blox NEO-6M, which is capable of receiving signals from multiple satellites to determine the module's precise position, time, and velocity.

Compact Design: The module is designed to be compact and easy to integrate into various projects. It often comes with pins or connectors for easy connection to microcontrollers, development boards, or other devices.

Serial Communication: The module communicates with your host device (like a microcontroller) using serial communication, usually through UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter) protocol.

GPS Data: The module provides accurate latitude, longitude, altitude, time, speed, and other GPS-related data, allowing you to track the module's location and movement.

EPROM Storage: The addition of EPROM (Electrically Programmable Read-Only Memory) allows you to store configuration settings or other user-defined data in a non-volatile manner. This data persists even when the module loses power.

Configuration: You can configure the module's behavior, update the settings, and control various parameters using specific AT commands through the serial interface. These commands enable customization based on your project's requirements.

External Antenna: Some versions of the module might include a connector for an external GPS antenna, which can improve signal reception, especially in environments with limited sky view.

Backup Battery: In some setups, a backup battery might be required to maintain the EPROM data when the module is powered off.


The NEO-6M GPS Module with EPROM is commonly used in applications such as vehicle tracking, navigation systems, geocaching, drone flight control, outdoor sports monitoring, and any project that requires accurate location data.

Documentation to use the module effectively, it's essential to refer to the manufacturer's documentation, datasheet, and user manual. These resources will provide detailed information about pinouts, electrical connections, AT commands, and other important considerations.

When working with the NEO-6M GPS Module with EPROM, keep in mind that accurate positioning requires a clear view of the sky, as obstructions can hinder satellite signal reception. Additionally, ensure that you properly integrate the module with your chosen microcontroller or development board and follow best practices for GPS antenna placement and module configuration.

Technical Details

  • Model: Ublox NEO-6M
  • Receiver Type: 50 Channels
  • Input Supply Voltage (VDC): 2.7 ~ 6
  • Main Chip: NEO-6
  • Sensitivity (dBm): -160
  • Navigation Update Rate: 5Hz
  • Position Accuracy (Meter): 2
  • Operating Temperature Range (°C): -24 to 84
  • Tracking Sensitivity (dBm): -161 dBm
  • Avg Cold Start Time (s): 27
  • Warm Start Time (s): 27
  • Maximum Speed: 500 M/s
  • Cold Start (without aiding): -147 dBm Tracking Navigation: -161 dBm

Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width × Height(mm) : Antenna – 25 x 25 x 9, GPS Board – 36 x 25 x 4
  • Weight (gm): 16
  • Cable Length (cm): 11.5

Integration with Arduino

Sample Code

Integration with Raspberry Pi

Ublox NEO-6M V2 GPS Flight

Sample Code

Additional Details

  • 5Hz position update rate
  • Operating temperature range: -40 TO 85°CUART TTL socket
  • EEPROM to save configuration settings
  • Rechargeable battery for Backup
  • The cold start time of 38 s and the Hot start time of 1 s
  • Supply voltage: 3.3 V
  • Configurable from 4800 Baud to 115200 Baud rates. (default 9600)
  • SuperSense ® Indoor GPS: -162 dBm tracking sensitivity
  • Separated 18X18mm GPS antenna

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Package Includes

  • 1 x NEO-6M GPS Module with EPROM

Customer Reviews

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Works goodPacking is goodDo not have any complaints till now

Good quality and working well.

Excellent product. I used it to work with my Arduino Leonardo.

Five Stars

It was a chaos interfacing it with RPI with Jessie pixel OS. But successfully interfaced.

rajiv bagoriya
The product is good

the quality of the product is very good

Four Stars

good product

Five Stars


Five Stars

It works well

ombir singh
good product

Very good productPls note that you need to use 3.5v and place the GPS near windowI ordered it initially but it was faulty. For faulty GPS, the light does not bring.

ramjan khan
Good Product

Good Product .. Easy to configure .The GPS co-ordinates were accurate . can even show the sea level .. so if you take that as reference u can determine height change .Has been using it for few months and still works fine ..

baban @ suresh
Now I am not lost !!

To be fair I bought this item twice over. The first one did not seem to work. I don't think I was configuring it incorrectly as there was very little to be done. Anyhow, I had that returned and the money was refunded in no time. I bought a second one and that works fine. Easy to configure with any Arduino (I use the UNO).