US-100 Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring Module with Temperature Compensation
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US-100 Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Measuring Module with Temperature Compensation

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It is an electronic device that measures the distance of a target object by emitting ultrasonic sound waves. It work by sending out a sound wave at a frequency above the range of human hearing.

It has two main components : The transmitter (it works similar to a radio with the help of piezoelectric crystals it emits the sound wave of higher frequency for few microsecond) and the receiver (it works similar to a microphone it encounters the sound after it has travelled to and from the target). When reflected sound is receive at the receiver end (Rx) the control unit of the sensor records the overall time took by the sound wave in sending and receiving at the Rx of the sensor.

This sensor has two types of output signals first one is serial data output and the second one is pulse data output.

This sensor is different from other Ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04 , HC-SRF-05) , the only difference is it has 5 pins on the sensors VCC, GND1, GND2, Rx and Tx.

The function of the extra pin is for the selection of the operating mode. Operating mode can be configured by using jumper on the back of the module/sensor.

It is excellent in suppressing sound. Even thin foils and transparent material caused no problem for ultrasonic sensor.

Distance calculation:

To measure the specific distance using ultrasonic sensor we can use the following formula:

As we know,  Distance = speed * time. (speed of sound wave =343mps).

So, Total distance = (343*time of height (Echo) pulse)/2.

Total distance is divided by 2 because signal travelled from sensor to object and return to the module(sensor).

It is to be noted that more the time taken by the wave, greater is the distance between the obstacle and the sensor and vice-versa.

Technical Details

  • Operating Voltage (VDC) : 2.4 to 5
  • Frequency(Hz) : 40000
  • Average Current Consumption (mA) : 2
  • Max. Sensing Distance (cm) : 450
  • Sensing Angle : 15°
  • Working Temperature(°C) : 20 to 70


  • Work status: Self-locking
  • Dedicated remote.
  • Indicator LEDs.
  • Ideal for home automation.

Physical Attributes

  • Sensor Cover Dia. (mm) : 16
  • PCB Size ( L x W ) mm : 45 x 20
  • Weight (gm) : 9

Integration with Arduino

Sample Code

Integration with Raspberry Pi

Sample Code


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