USB Current Voltage Ammeter Tester
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USB Current Voltage Ammeter Tester

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A USB Current Voltage Ammeter Tester is a compact electronic device used to measure and display the current (in amperes) and voltage (in volts) of a USB port or charger. These testers are particularly useful for diagnosing and monitoring the power output of USB ports and charging devices.

Key Features:

Display Screen: It typically includes an LCD or LED display screen that shows real-time measurements of current and voltage.

USB Connectors: These testers often have USB connectors (male and female) for easy insertion into a USB port or charger. The male connector is inserted into the USB port being tested, and the female connector is used to connect the device you want to power or charge.

Current Measurement: The tester can measure the current flowing through the USB port or charger, typically in amperes (A). This is essential for understanding how much current your device is drawing.

Voltage Measurement: It measures the voltage supplied by the USB port or charger, typically in volts (V). Knowing the voltage is crucial to ensure compatibility with your device.

Capacity Measurement: Some advanced testers may also calculate and display the power capacity (in watts) being delivered, which is the product of current and voltage (P = VI).

Data Hold Function: Many testers have a data hold function that freezes the displayed readings for easier recording and analysis.

Common Uses:

Charging Device Monitoring: You can use a USB Current Voltage Ammeter Tester to monitor the charging voltage and current of your smartphones, tablets, power banks, or other USB-powered devices. This helps you verify that your devices are receiving the expected power and can identify slow-charging issues.

USB Port Testing: It's useful for testing the output of USB ports on computers, laptops, power strips, and wall chargers to ensure they meet the expected voltage and current requirements.

Load Testing: These testers can be used to determine how much current a USB port or charger can supply safely. This is especially important when assessing the capability of power banks and USB hubs.

Diagnostic Tool: It serves as a diagnostic tool for identifying issues with USB cables, connectors, or power sources that may affect charging and data transfer.

Compatibility Checks: You can use the tester to confirm if your USB devices are compatible with specific chargers or USB power sources by checking the voltage and current ratings.

Battery Health Check: In some cases, these testers can be used to assess the health of rechargeable batteries by monitoring their charging current.


  • Enabled to measure USB devices at no load and overload condition, also for USB terminals testing.
  • Current and voltage display in turn, easy and comfortable to use.
  • Small and portable, do not need other power supply.
  • Measuring range: DC 3V – 9V / 0 – 3A (up to 5A )
  • Portable Device
  • Interface: USB2.0, USB3.0
  • Two output ports

Physical Attributes

  • L x W x H (mm): 53 x 15 x 15
  • Weight (gm) : 25

Package Includes

  • 1 x USB Current Voltage ammeter Tester

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