WS2812 WS 2811 5050 RGB LED Lamp Panel Module 5V 8-Bit Rainbow LED
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WS2812 WS 2811 5050 RGB LED Lamp Panel Module 5V 8-Bit Rainbow LED
WS2812 WS 2811 5050 RGB LED Lamp Panel Module 5V 8-Bit Rainbow LED

WS2812 WS 2811 5050 RGB LED Lamp Panel Module 5V 8-Bit Rainbow LED

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8-bit 5050 RGB LED Light is a great collection of WS2812B RGB Addressable LED Modules in a straight PCB. WS2812B is an intelligent LED that includes the photodiode and an addressable controller chip both are available and integrated into a single 5050 Components package. The major advantages of these LEDs are that one can access each led individually and control the light as each led has a unique address. These small LEDs with merely a centimeter in diameter can be connected in a daisy chain manner and many numbers of LEDs can be connected.

This Straight LED PCB consists of 8 WS2812 LEDs. The pinout of this PCB is GND, VCC, Input, Output. The daisy chain connection will follow in a way that the Input of a strip will be the Output of the previous strip.

Technical Details

  • IC Chip: WS2812
  • Input Supply Voltage (VDC) : 4 ~ 7, 5V Recommended


  • Intelligent reverse connects protection, the power supply reverse connection does not damage the IC.
  • The control circuit and the LED share the only power source.
  • Control circuit and RGB chip are integrated into a package of 5050 components, forming a complete control of pixel point.
  • Each pixel of the three primary colors can achieve a 256 brightness display, completed 16777216 color full-color display, and scan frequency not less than 400Hz/s.
  • Cascading port transmission signal by a single line.
  • Any two points the distance more than 5m transmission signal without any increased circuit.
  • When the refresh rate is 30fps, cascade numbers are not less than1024 points.
  • Send data at speeds of 800Kbps.
  • The color of the light was highly consistent, cost-effective.
  • 120 degrees viewing angle

Basic Troubleshooting

If the LED does not turn on:
  • Check the supply voltage
  • Check to see if the dies inside the clear epoxy case look black, it means the LED has been damaged.
  • Check if the data lines have been connected correctly and that the required signal and timing is present.


  • Decorative Lighting
  • LED lighting for special purposes
  • Irregular LED display
  • Notification Board 
  • LED-based notification display
  • Cascaded lighting

Physical Attributes

  • L x W x H (mm): 53 x 10 x 3
  • Weight (gm) : 3

Integration with Arduino

Sample Code


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