A2208 1100KV/1400KV/1800KV/2600KV Brushless Motor
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A2208 1100KV/1400KV/1800KV/2600KV Brushless Motor

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  • Model: A2208
  • KV(rpm/V): 1100KV
  • Model: A2208
  • KV(rpm/V): 1400KV
  • Model:A2208
  • KV(rpm/V): 1800KV
  • Model: A2208
  • KV(rpm/V): 2600KV

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    The A2208 brushless motor is another commonly used motor in the hobbyist and radio-controlled (RC) community. It's similar to the A2212 but has different KV ratings (1100KV, 1400KV, 1800KV, and 2600KV).

    Let's break down some key points:

    A2208 Motor:
    Type: Brushless motor.
    Application: Typically used in RC aircraft, drones, or other hobbyist projects.
    Size: The "A2208" refers to the motor's size and specifications.

    KV Ratings:

    1100KV: Lower KV ratings are suitable for applications that require more torque and less speed. Commonly used for larger propellers or slower-moving aircraft.

    1400KV: This is a mid-range KV rating, offering a balance between torque and speed. Suitable for various applications.

    1800KV: A higher KV rating than the previous options, suitable for applications that require more speed and RPM. Commonly used in smaller and faster aircraft or drones.

    2600KV: This is a high KV rating, indicating a motor designed for high-speed applications. It's commonly used in smaller and faster aircraft where high RPM is essential.

    Technical Details

    • Model: XXD A2208
    • KV: 1100KV/1400KV/1800KV/2600KV
    • Maximum efficiency: 80%
    • Maximum Efficiency Current: 4-10A (>75%)
    • Current capacity: 12A/60s
    • No load current 10V: 0.5A
    • No. Of cells: 2-3 Li-Poly
    • Shaft diameter: 3.17m


    • Brushless Operation
    • Higher Efficiency
    • Extended Lifespan
    • Reduced Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Better Heat Dissipation
    • Higher Power-to-Weight Ratio
    • Precise Speed Control
    • Regenerative Braking
    • Reduced Wear and Tear

    Physical Attributes

    • Weight (gm): 50


    Model KV(rpm/V) Max Power (W) Battery Prop Ri(M Ω) ESC(A)
    A2208 1100 102W 2-3Li-Po 8x6/7x4 0.192 30A
    A2208 1400 160W 2-3Li-Po 8x6/7x4.5 0.112 30A
    A2208 1800 180W 2-3Li-Po 8x4/7x3 0.091 30A
    A2208 2600 260W 2-3Li-Po 7x3/6x4 0.044 30A

    Motor Outline Drawing

    Package Includes

    • A2208 1100KV/1400KV/1800KV/2600KV Brushless Motor Optinal
    • 1 x Accessories set

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