Arduino MCP2515 CAN Bus Module TJA1050 Receiver SPI Module
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Arduino MCP2515 CAN Bus Module TJA1050 Receiver SPI Module

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The MCP2515 CAN Bus Arduino Shield Board is a module that integrates the MCP2515 CAN controller and a CAN transceiver (often the TJA1050) onto an Arduino shield, making it easier to interface with CAN networks using Arduino microcontrollers.

Here's an overview and some details about the MCP2515 CAN Bus Module :

MCP2515 CAN Controller: The MCP2515 is a standalone CAN controller with an SPI interface. It manages the complexities of the CAN protocol, including arbitration, message handling, and synchronization.

CAN Transceiver (TJA1050): The CAN transceiver (such as the TJA1050) handles the electrical signaling and physical layer of the CAN bus. It converts the digital signals from the MCP2515 into the appropriate voltage levels for the CAN network.

Arduino Shield Form Factor: The module is designed to fit onto Arduino boards as a shield, which means it can be easily stacked on top of the Arduino, allowing for easy connection and integration.

SPI Interface: The shield communicates with the Arduino using SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface), which is a widely used synchronous serial communication protocol for interfacing with devices like the MCP2515.

CAN Bus Communication: The shield enables your Arduino to communicate with other devices on a CAN bus network. This is useful for applications that require real-time data exchange, such as automotive diagnostics, industrial control, robotics, and more.

Driver Libraries: There are libraries available for Arduino that provide an abstraction layer for interfacing with the MCP2515 chip and handling CAN communication. These libraries simplify the setup process.

Initializing and Configuring: Initialize the SPI communication, set up the CAN communication settings (e.g., bit rate, filters, masks), and configure the MCP2515 using the library's functions.

CAN Message Transmission and Reception: Use the library's functions to send and receive CAN messages. You can create messages with specific IDs and data payloads and receive messages from the bus.

Error Handling: Implement error handling routines to address situations like transmission errors, bus-off conditions, and other error frames.


The MCP2515 CAN Bus Arduino Shield is used in various applications, such as building CAN-based communication systems, interfacing with automotive networks, controlling industrial machinery, and more.

Pin Definitions

  • VCC 5V power input pin
  • GND power ground pin
  • CS SPI SLAVE select pin (Active Pin)
  • SO SPI master output slave input pin
  • SCLK SPI clock pin
  • INT MCP2515 interrupt pin


  • J1 120R resistor terminal selection
  • J2 CANH, CANL KF301-2P block output
  • J3 CANH, CANL pin output

Schematic of MCP2515 CAN Module TJA1050 Receiver SPI 51
Arduino MCP2515 CAN Bus Module TJA1050 Receiver SPI Module

Technical details

  • Input Supply voltage (V): 5
  • Working current (mA) : 5
  • Communication Rate (Mbps): 1
  • Data bits : 8
  • Crystal oscillator (MHz) : 8
  • Terminal Resistance (Ω) : 120
  • Supports : CAN V2.0B


  • Support CAN V2.0B technical standard, communication rate 1Mb / S.
  • 0 to 8 bytes long data field.
  • Use High-speed CAN transceiver TJA1050
  • SPI control for expanding Multi CAN bus interface
  • Use serial port could view the communication data
  • With the independent key, LED indicator, and Power indicator
  • With power pin
  • Standard frames, extended frames, and remote frames.
  • Impedance matching, guaranteed drive capability, long-distance data transmission, prevent signal radiation
  • Positioning screw hole center spacing 23 mm x 38 mm
  • The working current: typical 5mA, standby current 1 microamp. Except for the power indicator.

Physical Attributes

  • L x W x H (mm): 39 x 27 x 13
  • Weight (gm) : 6

Integration with Arduino

Sample Code

Product Video


Package Includes

  • 1 x Arduino MCP2515 CAN Bus Module TJA1050 Receiver SPI Module

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