PIR Motion Sensor Detector Module HC-SR501
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PIR Motion Sensor Detector Module HC-SR501

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Passive Infrared PIR Sensor: Enhance Your Security with Advanced Motion Detection

Section 1: Unparalleled Motion Sensing Technology of Passive Infrared Sensor

passive infrared sensor provides cutting-edge motion detection. PIR sensors are able to detect a change in the amount of infrared radiation that they are receiving, which can occur when an object with a different temperature moves into the field of view. This technology can be used to detect the movement of humans or animals within a certain range. Moreover, this state-of-the-art sensor is specifically designed to accurately and swiftly detect human movement. Furthermore, with its advanced passive infrared technology, the SR501 ensures reliable performance in any environment.

Superior Detection Accuracy: One of the key advantages of the passive infrared sensor is its superior detection accuracy. In addition to that, its finely tuned infrared sensors can detect even the slightest movements, allowing you to enhance the security of your home or office. As a result, you can rest assured that the SR501 motion sensor will keep a vigilant eye on your surroundings.

Instant Response Time: Another remarkable feature of the passive infrared sensor is its instant response time. Thanks to its impressively fast reaction time, the sensor quickly responds to any detected motion. Within milliseconds, it triggers the desired action, whether it's turning on lights, sounding an alarm, or activating a security system. As a result, you can experience the peace of mind that comes with having a sensor that reacts instantly to potential threats.

Section 2: Versatile Applications for Optimal Security of Passive Infrared Sensor

The PIR Motion Sensor SR501 offers a wide range of applications, making it an indispensable component for various security systems. Its versatility ensures it can be used in both residential and commercial settings, delivering exceptional performance in different scenarios.

Ideal for Home Security: Safeguard your home with the SR501 PIR Motion Sensor. Install it near entry points, hallways, or areas prone to unauthorized access. Enjoy the convenience of an automated security system that alerts you to any movement, keeping your loved ones and valuables safe.

Commercial Security Solutions: In commercial environments, the sr501 motion sensor is an excellent choice for enhancing security. Whether it's a retail store, office building, or warehouse, the sensor can be integrated into existing security systems or used as a standalone device. Trust the hc sr501 motion sensor to provide reliable motion detection, deterring potential intruders.

Section 3: Effortless Integration and User-Friendly Design of Passive Infrared Sensor

The passive infrared pir sensor offers seamless integration and a user-friendly design, ensuring hassle-free installation and operation. Experience convenience and simplicity like never before.

Easy Installation: Installing the hc sr501 module is a breeze. Its compact size and straightforward wiring process make it suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professional installers. Get up and running quickly, saving time and effort.

Adjustable Sensitivity and Range: Customize the sensor's sensitivity and range to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a broad detection area or a more focused range, the SR501 allows you to fine-tune these settings effortlessly. Achieve the perfect balance between accuracy and coverage.

Technical Details of PIR Motion Sensor

  • Model: PIR HC-SR501
  • Operating Voltage (VDC): 4.5 ~ 20
  • Average Current Consumption (mA): 0.06
  • Distance Measuring Range (CM): 300 ~ 700
  • Output Type : (High/ Low-level Signal) 3.3V TTL output
  • Working Temperature Range (°C): -20 to 80
  • Detection Angle: <140°
  • Delay Time: 5 to 200s (Can be Adjusted, Default 5s +/- 3%)


Physical Attributes of Passive Infrared Sensor

  • L x W x H (mm): 32 x 25 x 25
  • Weight (gm): 12

Integration with Arduino of Passive Infrared Sensor

PIR Motion Sensor with Arduino Circuit Diagram


Sample Code


Integration with Raspberry Pi

PIR Sensor Circuit Diagram With Raspberry pi


Sample Code


Additional Details

  • Infrared Sensor with Control Circuit Board
  • The Sensitivity and Holding Time Can be Adjusted
  • Sensitive Setting: Turn to the Right, Distance Increases (About 7M); Turn to the Left, Distance Reduce (About 3M)
  • Time Setting: Turn to Right, Time Increases (About 200S); Turn to Left, Time Reduce (About 5S)

Product Video


Package Includes

  • 1 x PIR Motion Sensor Detector Module HC-SR501

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Great and Easy to use!

I have used these in a hallway in my house that is pitch black at night so that when I enter the hallway a few LED's light up. Works great and well packaged!

Palwinder SINGH

PIR Sensor Module HC-SR501

Thank you for your feedback! We're delighted that you're pleased with our product. If you ever need assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out. We appreciate your support and hope to continue exceeding your expectations.

Good quality

These sensors work great. Detect motion perfectly. Good size, no complaints.

Good product

Worked for me


Project on hold but good product

birender mandal
Seems to be a good product for the price

I haven't checked accuracy yet or motion detection in a larger room, but seems to work well so far.

arvind kumar yadav
Works well, pin configuration is different than most standard docs online

Works well, but the pin configuration is a different that most standard docs for similar products online, so it took a bit of doing to get it to work. Seems to work well once the wiring is correct


 Even on the lowest sensitivity, they react to heat, light bulbs, and air movement. Unreliable. There is also an annoying four second delay before motion can be detected again.

Excellent product and very good seller exact product information

Excellent product and very good seller exact product information

Good module

Worked exactly as discribed, used to trigger halloween jump scare devices