24V 350W MY1016Z Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit
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24V 350W MY1016Z Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit

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Transform your ordinary electric bicycle into a high-powered machine with the 24V 350W MY1016Z Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit. Designed for e-bike enthusiasts and riders seeking an exhilarating experience, this kit offers unparalleled power, efficiency, and convenience. Get ready to revolutionize your electric biking journey.

1. This Kit is Suitable for Install on What Type of Bicycle?
This EBIKE Kit is suitable for installation on 22-28 inch common bicycles. If you want to install the bike below 22 inches, the difficulty of modification will be increased. You need to replace the original 9-tooth sprocket of the motor with a 13-tooth sprocket. If not changed, the bike speed will be too slow. (If you need to change the 13-tooth sprocket, please contact us or leave a message, you can replace the 13-tooth sprocket freely.) This kit is not suitable for special models and variable speed models and models under 16 inches.

2. What battery is recommended for this kit?
For the DIY EBIKE (24V kits) battery generally use two pieces of Lead acid or Lithium battery(the 36V kits need three pieces of batteries). After they are linked together as the power energy. The recommended battery capacity is 10AH-14AH.

Please kindly notice don’t use the motorcycle battery. Need to use a specialist electric bike battery. When you buy the battery need ask clearly if it specialist used on electric bikes).

You may also use the lower or higher capacity Lead-acid and Lithium batteries as power supplies. Just if the lower capacity will cant run longer distances. If using the higher capacity will increase the cost.

3. Is the kit include batteries?
No, the kit includes all the parts you need except the battery. the battery needs you to buy. Or contact us about the battery buying link.

4. Where should I mount the batteries?
A battery box is not provided in this kit. But you can install it above the rear wheel on the rear rack, or even make a box(need some DIY skills). You can design whether the batteries can take out or hard-wire. If you need the battery box, please contact us for the battery box buying link.


  • Rated Power : 350W
  • Rated Voltage : 24V
  • Rated Speed : 3000RPM

24V 350W MY1016Z Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit With LCD Display


  • Unmatched Power for Unforgettable Adventures : With a mighty 350W motor, this conversion kit provides an extraordinary boost to your electric bike's performance. Say goodbye to slow starts and embrace rapid acceleration. Conquer challenging terrains, breeze through hills, and enjoy the thrill of unmatched power. Unleash a new level of excitement and embark on unforgettable adventures.
  • Effortless Conversion and Compatibility : Upgrading your electric bicycle has never been easier. The 24V 350W MY1016Z Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit offers seamless compatibility with a wide range of electric bike models. With its user-friendly installation process and comprehensive instructions, you'll have your bike transformed into a powerful e-bike in no time. Embrace the convenience and enjoy the benefits of enhanced performance.
  • Durable Quality for Long-lasting Enjoyment : Built to withstand the demands of electric biking, this conversion kit is constructed with durability in mind. From the robust motor to the reliable components, every element is designed to provide long-lasting performance. Enjoy countless rides and explore new horizons, knowing that your electric bicycle is equipped with a kit that can handle it all.


  • Powerful Motor Conversion: The 24V 350W motor elevates your electric bicycle's performance for thrilling rides.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Designed to fit a wide range of electric bike models, making conversion hassle-free.
  • Effortless Installation: With user-friendly instructions, the kit ensures a straightforward and quick installation process.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to withstand the demands of electric biking, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Unleash Your Riding Potential: Experience the thrill of unmatched power and conquer any terrain with ease.

Package Includes

  • 24V 350W MY1016Z Electric Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit

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