24V Electric Wheelchair DC Motor Joystick Controller with USB Port
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24V electric wheelchair DC motor
Joystick Controller

24V Electric Wheelchair DC Motor Joystick Controller with USB Port

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Experience Enhanced Mobility with the 24V Electric Wheelchair DC Motor and Joystick Controller: Effortless Control and Convenient Connectivity Unlock the freedom of movement with the 24V Electric Wheelchair DC Motor and Joystick Controller. Designed to provide a seamless and intuitive control experience, this motor and controller combination offers enhanced mobility for individuals using electric wheelchairs. With its reliable performance, precise control, and convenient USB port, it's time to take charge of your mobility and enjoy the independence you deserve.

Intuitive Joystick Controller: Precise Control at Your Fingertips The Joystick Controller provides intuitive and precise control over your electric wheelchair. Its ergonomic design allows for comfortable operation, while the responsive joystick enables smooth and accurate steering. Easily navigate through tight spaces, make precise turns, and adjust your wheelchair's speed effortlessly. Take full control of your mobility with the user-friendly Joystick Controller.

Convenient USB Port: Connectivity for Your Devices The Joystick Controller features a built-in USB port, adding a new level of convenience to your electric wheelchair experience. Charge your smartphone, tablet, or other USB-powered devices directly from the controller, eliminating the need for additional charging adapters or cables. Stay connected and keep your devices powered up while on the move.

Reliable Performance: Built to Last The 24V Electric Wheelchair DC Motor and Joystick Controller are built to withstand the demands of daily use. With their durable construction and high-quality components, they ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. Rest assured that your mobility needs are met with a motor and controller combination designed for durability and longevity.

How to Use

  • Power on /off : press this key to turn on the power supply, turn on the battery power indicator, and the controller system enters the startup program. Press this key again to turn off the power supply. Press it for more than 0.5 seconds to prevent misoperation.
  • Deceleration key : reduce the maximum speed of driving. Press once to reduce the speed by one gear, and the speed it displayed as the current speed gear.
  • Acceleration key : increase the maximum speed of driving. Press once to increase the speed by one gear, and the speed it displayed as the current speed gear.
  • Control lever : control the speed and direction of travel and parking. the pushing direction of the control lever is consistent with the direction of travel. The operation will stop when the control lever is released naturally(placed in the middle position).
  • Horn key : Horn honking / buzzer honking.

Technical Details

  • Power supply voltage :DC24V
  • Output Current : 40A/50A
  • Brake voltage : 24VDC
  • Brake current : 300-3000mA
  • Brake mode : Automatic/Manual
  • Wireless communication mode : Bluetooth
  • Indicator Model : LED indicate/buzzer indicate
  • Operation voltage : DC18-34V
  • Lighting volt : 12VDC
  • Charging current : 6A Max
  • Control way : Hall remote control lever,bluetooth handle(can optional)
  • Interface : Canon charging port,USB Charging port
  • Waterproof Grade : IPX5 Electronic equipment
  • Operation temperature : -25’C to +50’C
  • Storage temperature : -40’C to +65’C


  • Voltage, current, temperature control detection : In the case of overvoltage,undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, etc., there are alarm and shutdown protection functions.
  • Watchdog function : If the hardware or software encounters interference or unpredictable conditions, it will restart after half a second.
  • Power-off protection function : During operation, the shutdown motor will gradually decelerate to zero. When running on the slope, it can automatically stand on the slope. If the operation is stopped by mistake, it also has the function of suppressing the slope.
  • Boot detection : including left and right motor line connection detection, left and right brake line connection detection,whether the joystick detects battery power at the initial position.LED lights and sound mode alarms will be detected after the corresponding problem is detected.
  • Smoothing Start : Wheelchair joystick controller allow you can start smoothly, with variable speed, high sensitivity and flexible control, which is convenient to use.
  • Widely Use : Joystick controller is suitable for electric wheelchair, intelligent robot, amusement equipment, monitoring and various mobile products operating platform.
  • 360° Free Rotation : Electric wheelchair joystick controller adopted 360° free steering design, accurate and flexible, which is easy to operate.
  • Excellent ABS : Wheelchair controller made of Premium Material ABS material, waterproof, moisture proof and corrosion resistant, which has a long service time.
  • Easy Installation : Sensitive electric wheelchair controller with good compatibility, can be easily installed on any wheelchair, which is an important and practical accessory.


  • Powerful DC Motor : Effortless maneuverability for various terrains.
  • Intuitive Joystick Controller : Precise control for smooth steering.
  • Convenient USB Port : Charge your devices on the go.
  • Reliable Performance : Built to last for long-term use.

Package Includes

  • 1 x 24V Electric Wheelchair DC Motor Joystick Controller with USB Port

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