USB 32Ch Servo Motor Controller Board, support PS2 WIFI with USB Cable
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USB 32Ch Servo Motor Controller Board, support PS2 WIFI with USB Cable

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USB 32Ch Servo Motor Controller Board, support PS2 controller WIFI V7.2 support online upgrade firmware perfectly now, it means that in the future if there is a new function, the user can upgrade easily, so as to ensure the user has the latest firmware.

Up to 32 servo motors can control at the same time, either by using a software on a PC, or UART communication ( TTL serial port) of MCU (Arduino, 51, AVR, ARM, FPGA, PIC, etc.) to send commands to control the steering. You can also download instructions to the servo motor controller for offline operation.

The biggest advantage is that you can use the computer software to control the robot or control your servo steering. It can control 32 servo motors at the same time, with high precision (1 μs), and adopt the 32-bit original package CPU, internal integration USB communication interface, high stability, and precision.


Pin Description:

VCC: Servo power input VCC, can be connected to the 4.2V~7.2V power supply, plugged into a power supply for the anode, please.
GND: The overall GND of the servo controller can be connected to servo power GND of CPU power GND, plugged into a power supply for the cathode, please.
5V: Servo controller CPU power input, Voltage range: 5V – 8.5v.
USB: Servo controller CPU power input and data communication port.

NOTE: 5V interface and USB interface cannot be access the same time, Choose only one at a time.

Technical Details

  • Operating Voltage (VDC) : 5
  • CPU voltage : 3.3V
  • Servo motor input voltage : 4.2-7.2V
  • CPU : 32 Bits
  • Baud rate (USB) : 115200
  • Baud rate (Bluetooth, UART) : 9600
  • Storage Flash capacity : 16M
  • Mode to choose : 4 types
  • Simultaneously controlling servo number : 32 channel
  • Max action groups : 256 groups
  • Communication : UART

Additional Details

  • With 16M storage, can store thousands of indications, 256 groups of actions
  • Servo interface has three colors pins to different from each other
  • No need to programme
  • Simple indication operation
  • 32 bits high efficient low consumption CPU
  • Cross platform operation, can support WindowsXP, WindowsVisit, Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, Linux,FreeBsd, MAC OS, Android
  • Can support bluetooth, WIFI wireless control
  • Adding signal isolation to protect control board
  • PS2 wireless handle
  • Compatible with all supporting serial port single chipUsing Micro USB interface

Package Includes

  • 1 x USB 32Ch Servo Motor Controller Board, support PS2 WIFI with USB Cable

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