Coin based Mobile Charger
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Coin based Mobile Charger

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In this kit coin based mobile charger we have tried to reduce the wastage of electrical power which often arises due to negligence of the user. Here we have make a power system in such a way that, the user can use it only for limited period of time after paying for it. A precise coin acceptor is there to accept the coin, and it generates the power only after the proper amount of coin (as defined by the user) is inserted which is eventually charges the mobile. For each unit of price, the power is available only for a limited period. The time left for usage will be shown on the LCD continuously. It can be used for mobile charging.

In the kit coin based mobile charger there is a coin acceptor which can be calibrated by the user by inserting a standard coin to it. The microcontroller can sense the number of standard coin inserted by the user, hence can calculate the time window for that particular user. There is a dot matrix LCD which displays the time remaining for the user. A relay is there control the power, which is interfaced with the microcontroller. If the time period gets elapsed the microcontroller turns off the relay, hence the power gets disconnected.

Block Diagram

Coin based Mobile Charger

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions (cm) L x W x H : 28 x 24 x 8
  • Weight (gm): 1000

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