Pedal Powered Electricity Generation
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Pedal Powered Electricity Generation

Pedal Powered Electricity Generation

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The world is a storehouse of energy. We all know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. But we are wasting resources that can produce energy as if they are limitless. If we can renew and reuse the energy we waste, it would help in some way to the problem of scarcity of energy, which is the major threat of the present world. Humans are able to generate approximately 150W of power while riding bicycles. However, this power goes to waste without any use. If we can make use of this energy, we would be able to power many electronic devices. A dynamo or an alternator can be used for harvesting the energy generated by a cycle rider while riding. We can charge mobile phones or a small lighting device with this power. Not only in bicycles but also in alternator bikes, cars, and exercise bikes we can use this principle.

People use bicycles as the main medium of transportation in villages. In addition, in cities, where most people use exercise bikes, the energy can be productively used to power electronic gadgets, which require less power. In India, many of the villages are still without electricity and most of them use bicycle as their medium of transportation. In such places, our system will be of great help. Charging of the battery can be done by a layman by just connecting the circuit to the output of the dynamo which is connected to the bicycle.

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  • Dimensions (cm) L x W x H : 45 x 35 x 18
  • Weight (gm): 3000

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