PL2303 TA Download Cable USB to TTL RS232 Module USB to Serial
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PL2303 TA Download Cable USB to TTL RS232 Module USB to Serial

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The PL2303TA is a USB to-TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) converter module that allows you to establish a serial communication link between a computer's USB port and devices that use TTL-level serial signals.

Here's an overview and some details about the PL2303 TA module:

USB to TTL Conversion: The PL2303TA module bridges the gap between the USB interface on a computer and devices that communicate using TTL-level serial signals. TTL-level signals are commonly used in microcontrollers, sensors, and other electronics.

Serial Communication: The module enables bidirectional serial communication between a USB-enabled computer and TTL-level serial devices. This is commonly used for programming and debugging microcontrollers, connecting to embedded systems, and interfacing with various electronic components.

PL2303TA Chip: The PL2303TA is a USB-to-serial bridge controller chip manufactured by Prolific Technology Inc. It's a widely used chip for USB-to-TTL conversion due to its compatibility and availability.

USB Interface: The module features a USB Type-A connector that connects to a computer's USB port. This interface provides power to the module and establishes the data connection.

TTL Pins: The module typically includes multiple pins (such as RX, TX, GND, and VCC) that provide the TTL-level serial interface. These pins allow you to connect the module to other devices using jumper wires.

Voltage Levels: TTL-level signals usually operate at 5V or 3.3V, depending on the voltage requirements of the connected devices. Some modules might feature selectable voltage levels.

Drivers: To use the PL2303TA module on a computer, you usually need to install appropriate drivers for your operating system. These drivers enable the computer to recognize the module as a virtual serial port.


The module is used for various applications, including programming microcontrollers (like Arduino and Raspberry Pi), interfacing with sensors and modules, configuring networking equipment, and more.
Pin Connection :
Red: +5 V
Black: GND
White: RXD
Green: TXD


  • Built-in TTL COM PC-PL2303HX Chip.
  • Standard USB type and TTL 4-pin connector
  • Simple and Easy way to give USB support to your designs
  • Available for Linux, Mac, WinCE, and Windows (XP, 7), Win 8

Physical Attributes

  • Cable Length (Meter) : 1
  • Weight (gm) : 66

Package Includes

  • 1 x PL2303 TA Download Cable USB to TTL RS232 Module USB to Serial

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