Regenerative Braking System
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Regenerative Braking System

Regenerative Braking System

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Regenerative brake cooperative control balances the brake force of the regenerative and hydraulic brakes to minimize the amount of kinetic energy lost to heat and friction. It recovers the energy by converting it into electrical energy. To convert kinetic energy to electrical energy the system uses MG2 as a generator. The drive axle and MG2 are joined mechanically. When the drive wheels rotate MG2 which tends to resist the rotation of the wheels, providing both electrical energy and the brake force needed to slow the vehicle. The greater the battery charging amperage, the greater the resistance.

The various uses of regenerative brakes are recharging a battery pack that power vehicle, taking accessory loads such as lights, taking accessory loads such as radio and stereo, giving power to pumps, conditioners and fans and in railway. Regenerative braking technology funnels the energy created by the braking process back into the system in the form of charging the battery for further use In a regenerative braking system the energy normally lost in the braking process is transferred to the generator from the rotating axel and then transferred to the battery, thus saving energy. The energy efficiency of a conventional brake is only about 20 percent, with the remaining 80 percent of its energy being converted to heat through friction.

The miraculous thing about regenerative braking is that it may be able to capture as much as half of that wasted energy and put it back to work. This reduces fuel consumption by 10 to 25 percent. Hence regenerative braking plays an important role in fuel consumption and also in the field of speed.

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