RS232 to TTL Serial Interface Module
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RS232 to TTL Serial Interface Module

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Seamless Serial Communication: MAX3232 RS232 Serial Port to TTL Converter Module

Section 1: Reliable Serial Conversion

Achieve reliable serial conversion with the MAX3232 RS232 Serial Port to TTL Converter Module. This module is designed to convert RS232 signals to TTL logic levels, allowing for seamless communication between devices with different voltage requirements. Whether you're interfacing microcontrollers, connecting serial devices, or establishing serial communication links, this converter module ensures reliable and efficient data transmission, empowering you to establish robust serial connections.

RS232 to TTL Conversion

Leverage the power of RS232 to TTL conversion with the MAX3232 RS232 Serial Port to TTL Converter Module. It converts RS232 signals, commonly used in industrial and legacy systems, to TTL logic levels compatible with microcontrollers, sensors, and other TTL-based devices. With its advanced conversion technology, this module enables smooth data transmission and seamless integration between different communication standards.

Bi-Directional Communication

Facilitate bi-directional communication with the MAX3232 RS232 Serial Port to TTL Converter Module. It supports both transmit and receive signals, allowing for two-way data transfer between RS232 and TTL devices. Whether you need to send commands, receive data, or establish bidirectional communication links, this converter module ensures reliable and efficient serial communication in both directions.

Section 2: Easy Integration and Versatile Applications

Simple Wiring and Setup

he MAX3232 RS232 Serial Port to TTL Converter Module offers a simple wiring and setup process. With clearly labeled connection points and a user-friendly design, this module simplifies integration into your projects. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced electronics enthusiast, you can quickly and effortlessly incorporate this converter module, saving time and effort during the setup phase.

Wide Range of Applications

Unlock a wide range of applications with the MAX3232 RS232 Serial Port to TTL Converter Module. Its versatility makes it suitable for various projects and systems. Whether you're involved in embedded systems, industrial automation, robotics, or serial communication setups, this converter module provides reliable and efficient RS232 to TTL conversion. Experience the convenience and flexibility of seamless serial communication in your projects.

Section 3: Reliable Performance and Efficiency

Stable and Consistent Operation

Rely on the MAX3232 RS232 Serial Port to TTL Converter Module for stable and consistent performance. Crafted with high-quality components and designed for reliable operation, this module delivers consistent data transmission and reception. Its stability ensures reliable communication, allowing you to establish robust serial connections without signal loss or data corruption.

Wide Device Compatibility

The MAX3232 RS232 Serial Port to TTL Converter Module offers wide device compatibility. It supports various TTL-based devices, such as microcontrollers, sensors, and other TTL logic level devices. Whether you're connecting to specific microcontroller platforms, sensor modules, or custom TTL devices, this converter module ensures compatibility and seamless integration, providing flexibility in your project designs.

Note: The color of dupont cables may vary.

Technical Details

  • IC Chip : MAX3232
  • Operating Voltage (VDC) : 3.3 ~ 5.5


Physical Attributes

  • Length × Width × Height(mm) : 35 × 32 × 15
  • Weight (gm) : 11


Additional Details

  • It is widely used in radio modification, phone flash, XBOX360 flash, GPS, vehicle detection, DVD flash, hard disk repair set-top box upgrade.
  •  It can be used to program STC MCU, NXP MCU, Renesas MCU, STM32 MCU, N+-2EC MCU
  • Pre-assembled compact size board
  • Suitable for use with most microcontrollers
  • Operates up to 250 kbit/s



Package Includes

  • 1 x RS232 to TTL Serial Interface Module

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
ram niwas
Works like a charm.

Works like a charm.

Works perfectly with an Arduino Micro to control a projector

With Prime this came next day delivery.Used this to convert from the Arduino TTL to RS232 of a NEC projector. worked effortlessly.

Nathaniel Hatley

It works with excellent performance!

Just works

Works as advertised.No fuss or drama.LEDs showing Rx and Tx were very useful.