YF-S201 Water Flow Measurement Sensor with 1-30Liter/min Flow Rate – White/Black
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YF-S201 Water Flow Measurement Sensor with 1-30Liter/min Flow Rate – White/Black

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Monitor and Control Water Flow: Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter Control Switch

Section 1: Accurate Flow Measurement

Monitor water flow with accuracy using the Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter Control Switch. This versatile sensor provides precise measurements of water flow rates, allowing you to monitor and control the flow of water in various applications. Whether you're managing irrigation systems, water usage in industrial processes, or creating smart water management solutions, this flow sensor offers reliable and accurate flow measurement capabilities.

Precise Flow Monitoring

Experience precise flow monitoring with the Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter Control Switch. It utilizes advanced sensing technology to accurately measure the flow rate of water passing through the sensor. With its high-precision measurements, you can monitor water consumption, detect leaks, or track water usage in real-time. Gain valuable insights into water flow patterns and optimize your water management strategies.

Adjustable Control Switch

Take control of water flow with the adjustable control switch of the Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter Control Switch. This switch allows you to set flow thresholds and control the operation of pumps, valves, or other devices based on the desired flow conditions. Achieve automated flow control or activate alarms and alerts when flow rates deviate from the specified range. This versatile control switch empowers you to manage water flow with precision and efficiency.

Section 2: Easy Integration and Versatile Applications

Simple Installation and Setup

The Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter Control Switch offers a straightforward installation and setup process. With its user-friendly design and intuitive wiring configuration, you can quickly integrate this sensor into your water flow systems. Whether you're a professional installer or a DIY enthusiast, this sensor simplifies the setup, saving you time and effort in implementing water flow monitoring and control.

Wide Range of Applications

Unlock a wide range of applications with the Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter Control Switch. Its versatility makes it suitable for various water flow control and monitoring scenarios. Whether you're involved in home automation, agriculture, industrial processes, or environmental monitoring, this sensor provides valuable insights and control over water flow. Experience the convenience and efficiency of water flow management in your projects.

Section 3: Reliable Performance and Durability

Accurate and Reliable Results

Rely on the Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter Control Switch for accurate and reliable performance. Built with high-quality components and designed to deliver consistent measurements, this sensor ensures accurate flow monitoring in various conditions. Its reliability and stability allow you to trust the data and make informed decisions regarding water usage and flow control.

Durable Construction

The Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter Control Switch is constructed to be durable and long-lasting. With its sturdy design and quality materials, it can withstand continuous exposure to water and harsh environments. Whether you're installing it in outdoor settings or industrial applications, this sensor is built to provide extended durability, ensuring longevity and reliable performance over time.

Connection :

  1. Red wire: +5V.
  2. Black wire: GND.
  3. Yellow wire: PWM output.

Pinout Diagram

Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter control Switch


Pin Configuration

  1. Red : Power : To provide power to the module
  2. Black : Ground: Connected to the ground terminal
  3. Yellow : Signal : Analog output from the sensor


Technical Details

  • Operating voltage (v) : 5 ~ 18
  • Max current draw : 15mA @ 5V
  • Working Flow Rate : 1 to 30 Liters/Minute
  • Operating Temperature (°C) : -25 ~ +80
  • Humidity measuring range : 35% – 80% RH
  • Maximum water pressure : 2.0 MPa
  • Output duty cycle : 50% ±10%
  • Output rise time (µsec) : 0.04
  • Pulses per Liter : 450


Physical Attributes

  • Cable length (cm) : 15
  • Outer diameter (mm) : 20
  • Inlet/Outlet diameter (mm) : 11
  • Length × Width × Height(mm) : 62.5 × 35 × 34
  • Weight (gm) : 50


Integration with Arduino

Mainaisi Water Flow Sensor


Sample Code



  • Agriculture
  • Food processing
  • Coffee/Tea makers
  • Water Management
  • Mining Industry


Additional Details

  • 1/2″ nominal pipe connections, 0.78″ outer diameter, 1/2″ of thread.
  • The simple and compact module.
  • Easy to Install.
  • High Sealing Performance.
  • High-Quality Hall Effect Sensor.


Product Video



Package Includes

  • 1 x YF-S201 Water Flow Measurement Sensor with 1-30Liter/min Flow Rate – White

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Different product model, works well

The product I received was actually the FL-608 and not the FL-408 as specified in the product information here. It has slightly different stats but so far I am able to read the pulses in my test setup. I have not hooked it up to actual liquid flow yet to calibrate it but I believe it will work well for my situation.

So far so good

So far it is good.

Works just fine

Works just fine

Calibration formula incorrect

Got it to work. After testing and calibrating I found that using 6.5 instead of 7.5 as the multiplier gave much more precise readings. Anyone agree?

Good sensor

It works properly.

Accurate, reliable.

Works very well and accurate. Added 0.1 cap on input for noise.

Five Stars

Exactly what I was looking for, and worked perfectly. Just as advertised.

Samuel Adranyi
Five Stars

Works as Required

Precision and quality

Work fine

Llecnod Ekim
No Dead Spots

Love this ... unlike magnetic reed switch sensors this wont stall in a polarized location giving a false impression of flowing. it is also very sensitive to low flows which a reed switch cant do unless there is a threshold flow