Mini Size Solderless Breadboard 170 Pins White
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Mini Size Solderless Breadboard 170 Pins White

Mini Size Solderless Breadboard 170 Pins White

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A Mini Size Solderless Breadboard with 170 Pins in White is a compact and versatile electronic prototyping tool widely used in electronics and engineering projects.

Here are detailed descriptions of its key features:

Size and Form Factor: The breadboard is designed in a mini size, offering a compact and space-efficient platform for building and testing circuits. The white color of the board provides a clean and clear background, making it easier to visually organize and identify components.

Number of Pins: This particular breadboard has 170 pins, which are arranged in a grid pattern. The grid layout allows for easy and logical placement of electronic components, making it convenient to create and modify circuits.

Solderless Design: As a solderless breadboard, it eliminates the need for soldering in the prototyping stage. Components can be easily inserted into the holes on the breadboard, and connections are made through metal strips underneath the board's surface.

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of electronic projects, including hobbyist experiments, educational purposes, and rapid prototyping. Ideal for testing and iterating on circuit designs before committing to a permanent soldered solution.

Durable Construction: The breadboard is typically constructed with high-quality materials, providing durability for repeated use. The contacts and metal strips are designed to withstand frequent component insertions and removals without degradation.


The mini size makes it convenient for on-the-go prototyping and experimentation. Can be easily integrated into portable electronics projects.

Integration with Jumper Wires: Designed to work seamlessly with jumper wires for making connections between different points on the board. Jumper wires are commonly used to bridge gaps and create electrical pathways between components.

Technical Details

  • Mini size breadboard
  • Color: White
  • Number of holes: 170
  • Reusable for fast building a prototype of an electronic circuit
  • Each unit will accept transistors, diodes, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and virtually all types of components
  • No soldering required
  • Can modify or revise the circuits easily
  • Similar prototyping printed circuit boards
  • An invaluable tool for experimenting with circuit designs whether in the R&D or university lab
  • Fit for jumper wire: 0.8 mm diameter
  • Double-sided tape on the bottom side
  • Spacing between two holes: 2.54 mm / 0.1-inch (Standard)

Physical Attributes

  • L x W (mm): 35 x 47
  • Weight (gm): 12

Package Includes

  • 1 x Mini Size Solderless Breadboard 170 Pins White

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