DIY Solar Fan Science Experiments Learning Kit
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DIY Solar Fan Science Experiments Learning Kit

DIY Solar Fan Science Experiments Learning Kit

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The DIY Solar Fan Model Building Material Kits about energy conversion: solar energy electric, energy mechanical energy - wind energy. Assemble the toy according to the manual. The fan is powered by a solar panel, the solar panel should be exposed to direct sunlight, the stronger the sunlight, the faster the fan rotates.

This DIY Solar Fan Science Kit is great for kids to learn physics knowledge, photovoltaic effect, intelligence development, training practice skill, creativity. As a family education resource, enhance parent - kids relationships. It suits 6-year-old kids and above. 

Key learning and Development areas

  • It promotes children's practical ability and Creative thinking.
  • It's easy to make and gives kids a sense of accomplishment.
  • It enhances the scientific knowledge of children.
  • It inspires children's interest and curiosity.

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions (cm) L x W x H : 15 x 12 x 5
  • Weight (gm): 50

Customer Reviews

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Ishwar D. Kadam
Cool toy for boys

I bought this for my 7 y/o son. I was worried at first that he might loose some tiny parts before he finish assembling but he did it well bu himself. He loves it! This type of toy is very educational, it stimulates the brain and helps them to be patient.

Sankha Subhra Maiti
7 year old loves this!

I bought this as a gift for my nephew who is about to turn 7. he can do and use with what I got him. Ill definitely be getting him more in the future.

Santhosh S
Invented a solar powered solar panel :)

WOW! Incredible how the company is able to provide so much at such an affordable price. Good fun!

Manu Thakur
Kid Friendly

Was kid friendly and had all the tools