J-link ULINK2 Emulator V8 all-ARM JTAG Adapter Converter for TQ2440 MINI2440
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J-link ULINK2 Emulator V8 all-ARM JTAG Adapter Converter for TQ2440 MINI2440

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The J-Link ULINK2 Emulator V8 is a hardware tool used in embedded systems development for debugging and programming microcontrollers, particularly those based on ARM architecture. It is manufactured by Segger, a company known for its J-Link family of debugging and programming solutions.

Here's what the J-Link ULINK2 emulator can do:

Debugging: The J-Link ULINK2 allows you to connect to an ARM-based microcontroller's debug interface (typically JTAG or SWD) for debugging and real-time code analysis. It enables you to set breakpoints, step through code, inspect variables, and analyze program execution.

Programming: You can use the emulator to program firmware and applications onto the microcontroller's flash memory. This is essential for loading and updating software on embedded systems.

Real-Time Trace: Some versions of the J-Link ULINK2 support real-time instruction trace, which allows you to capture and analyze the execution history of your code, helping with performance optimization and debugging complex issues.

Compatibility: The J-Link ULINK2 emulator is compatible with a wide range of ARM microcontrollers and development tools, making it a versatile solution for ARM-based embedded projects.

Common Uses:

Embedded Systems Development: The J-Link ULINK2 emulator is a critical tool for embedded systems developers working on ARM-based microcontroller projects. It simplifies the debugging and programming process.

Prototyping and Testing: Engineers use the emulator for testing and validating code on hardware during the development phase. It ensures that the code runs correctly on the target microcontroller.

Education: Educational institutions use these emulators to teach students about embedded systems and microcontroller programming, as they provide a hands-on learning experience.

Production Programming: In manufacturing, these emulators are sometimes used for programming microcontrollers on production boards quickly and efficiently.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • Type: Wireless
  • 10PIN JTAG seat support j-link, ULINK2 connection.
    • 20PIN Pitch = 2.54 MM
    • 20PIN Pitch = 2.0 MM
    • 10PIN pitch = 2.54 MM
    • 10PIN pitch = 2.0 MM
    • 14PIn Pitch = 2.54 MM

Physical Attributes

  • W x H (mm): 40 x 40
  • Weight (gm): 100

Package Includes

  • 1 x J-link ULINK2 Emulator V8 all-ARM JTAG Adapter Converter for TQ2440 MINI2440

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